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Collection of payments by customers

Neda Najjari
Neda Najjari
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With any payment method, a customer has the option to get the payment back if he is of the opinion that the payment is unjustified. There are various regulations that have nothing to do with your right of cancellation.

The best thing to do is to clarify with the customer directly why a customer complained about his payment.

For our part, we have integrated protection against multiple chargebacks so that as soon as the system detects a chargeback, we stop the withdrawals for future installments. This is how we counteract future chargebacks.

Further debits can then only be reactivated if the buyer reactivates the payments and re-enters his payment information.

Here is an overview by payment method:

Credit card

The customer can object to the payment with the credit card company (chargeback).

Sometimes we receive information in advance with a deadline for clarification. We will then contact you so that you can clarify this with the customer in advance or give the payment provider (if available) appropriate evidence that can prove that the payment was initiated by the customer.

The chargeback fees of 20 euros (net) are passed on to you as the seller and listed in your monthly invoice under "My Plan."

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Sofort transfer / advance payment

Transfer recall at the bank possible. But is rather rare. The customer pays callback fees at his bank.


Complaint about the payment at PayPal is possible by reporting a conflict.
A conflict can be created directly in the PayPal account by the customer. If there is no amicable clarification between the customer and the seller, he can submit an application for buyer protection within 20 days and entrust PayPal with the clarification.

PayPal then checks the information and your evidence provided and decides independently whether to repay the amount to the customer.

Possible reasons:

  • Product does not match the descriptions
  • Product was not delivered

You can find details on this in the PayPal help center.

Unauthorized payment / External access

In addition, a customer can report a third party access to PayPal if he thinks that someone else has accessed his account and made the payment.

This will then be checked by PayPal and a decision will be made on the case. If you have correspondence with the customer indicating that he has bought the product (and is trying to get his money back in the absence of a right of withdrawal), then upload this evidence to PayPal.

Handling of PayPal conflicts

If you are selling in your own name, you should process the PayPal conflicts regularly.

If you are selling in the reseller model, we will process the PayPal conflicts and contact you for clarification if you have any questions (e.g. delivery of a book, wrong delivery address, product does not match the description).

SEPA direct debit (currently only for sellers in the reseller model)

A return debit can be made through the bank / triggered by the customer. These are processed automatically and cannot be averted.

The chargeback fees of 7,50 euros (net) are passed on to you as the seller and listed in your monthly invoice under "My Plan."

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