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Custom shop theme

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Your shop page is the heart of your seller account and it represents your online business along with your brand identity. If you have booked the >>Customization app or our >>Pro Package, you can design your shop page to your preference, optimize it for search engines and even add an unlimited number of >>One-pagers and >>Landing pages. Are you not yet a pro user ? Then use the generic >>Default shop theme.


ueberblick.png Overview

Creating an individual shop page

Configuring the properties of the shop page


Advanced settings

Custom CSS

Cookie consent

Activating your shop theme


Creating a custom shop theme

  • Go to "Themes" and "Shop themes" in your seller account.
  • Click on "Create" in the upper right hand corner.


  • Name your shop theme. Your shop visitors will not be able to see the name. 
  • Choose a color themed template or click on "Build" if you want to create a custom theme and/or employ one of our industry specific design templates.


Configuring your shop page



The favicon of your shop page is the image (usually a logo) that your visitors see in the tab before the >>Meta title. The following support article will show you how to add it.>>Favicon in the page tab


Click on the edit icon to further customize the header of your shop page.

hinweis.png Please note

If you have applied a pre designed template, you may want to either hide the header in the settings or remove the template's header in the Page builder.



You create your shop page here. Click on the "edit" icon to go to the >>Page builder and build your own website. With our >>Designs for almost every use case you can create your professional shop page in no time.


Hinweis.png Note

By default, the URL of your shop page is "".

If you have your own domain, you can replace the default URL with your own using our >>Custom domain feature.

Product page

Here you can create the design for your >>Product page. Your customers see this as soon as they search for a product in the homepage of your shop page. From here they have access to the payment page.

If you want to use your own website as a shop page, you can redirect your customers to the product and payment page via the >>Product links 

The following support article will show you how to configure your product page and create more >>Product page in the shop theme.


Sub pages, landing pages & one-pagers

In the "Pages" section you will also find the "Add" button. You can create as many other pages as you want as your >>Landing pages & >>One-pager.



Customize the menu items, menu and sub menu style and background color of your footer by clicking on the "edit" icon. You may also add your website and social media channels. If you are a tech savvy, you can employ CSS here as well.

Advanced settings

Invisible to search engines

Click on the "box" if you do not want your shop page to be found via internet search.

Page themes

Click on the "box" to create individual headers and footers for the following pages:

  • Checkout page theme
  • Funnel page theme
  • Thank you page theme
  • Manage page theme

Custom CSS

If you are familiar with HTML coding and CSS, you can use this function to design your shop theme in even more detail. Please have a look at our support article >>Custom CSS for themes.

Cookie consent

You can even adjust the cookie settings to suit your shop´s design. 

Activate shop theme

  • Go back to the overview of your shop themes.


  • In order to activate the shop theme with the product page you just configured , click on the "star".


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