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Access to the online course - from payment or date

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There are two different versions of online courses:
a) The start of the course is identical for all participants on a fixed date

b) The start of the course is different for each participant - depending on the date of purchase or delivery

hinweis.png   Important! 

Choose this setting for your course consciously, because

  • after the first purchase you can no longer change it
  • it has an effect on the setting options for the temporal activation of the pages (drip-in and drop-out) and the event mails that you can have sent out for each page.

Course start on a fixed date - setting from date

If you have a fixed start date for your course that is identical for all participants, then select the setting "from date"in the "Product page" tab when creating it and provide the start date.

Then all participants will have access to the individual pages at the same time as well as any emails you may have provided for each page.


You can then go to the individual course pages

  • and specify the date and time when the page in the course should be activated or deactivated again and
  • when content (drip-in) is displayed and when it is no longer displayed (drop-out).

Course start directly after delivery

If you want your course to start differently for each participant - e.g. in a self-study course without your supervision -  select the setting "from payment"in the tab "Product page" when creating it.


You can then go to the individual course pages

  • and specify the date and time when the page in the course should be activated or deactivated again and
  • when content (drip-in) is displayed and when it is no longer displayed (drop-out).

Setting options on the individual course pages

You can then set the following things on the individual course pages:

  • the drip in / start date of the page
  • the drop out / end date of the page
  • the page content for the period of activation (page content tab)
  • the content that is displayed BEFORE the page is activated (Content tab before start date)
  • the content that will appear AFTER the page drops out (Content tab by end date)


Drip in / start date: Activation time in relation to the delivery of the course. You provide what is displayed from that point in time in the Page contenttab.

Drop-out: Deactivation of the page / content. Here you can specify how many days / hours / weeks or months after this page drip-in the main content should no longer appear in the "Page Contents"

 tab. In the "Content after end date" tab you can then provide special text or a video.

Page content: Here you provide your content that should be displayed after activation.

Content before start date (optional): Here you can provide content for the time before the page is activated.

If you have not entered anything, we will automatically display a countdown until the page is activated.


Content after end date (optional): Here you can store content that should be displayed after the end date of the page (drop-out). 

If you don't store anything, the customer will see a lock symbol and a standard text from us (as shown here).


This is often used for online conventions where the pages are only available for 24 hours, for example. After the expiration, it is then offered that you can also buy the convention package, since you have now "missed" the video.


Hinweis.png Tip

If you are not yet familiar with these settings, you should create and configure one or more pages in this course or a test course and then carry out a test purchase.

If you use the same email address as your seller account, you can switch from the seller account to the buyer account in the menu on the left after the purchase. 

If you use a new email address, you will receive a new buyer account and set a password for it.

You can then see what that looks like for the customer at that point in time.

In the order details in your seller account, under the lesson status, you can also see when which page has your drip-in and what the delivery settings for the email are for this customer.

hinweis.png   Important! 

If you created your course and made a free test purchase and then find that you have incorrectly selected the setting from payment / from date on the product page or you want to change the start date of the course, simply delete the free test transaction(s).

  • Go to Payments / Transfers
  • Find the transfer and click on the transfer number or on Details on the right.
  • Click on "Delete" in the upper right corner.

You can then change the setting again, since you will then no longer have any participants in the course (that is, the "test buyers" will no longer have the course).

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