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FAQ about PayPal payments

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You can offer PayPal as a payment method. PayPal is a very popular payment method because the payments are easy for the customer to process. 

If PayPal is connected, you can decide for each pricing plan whether you want to offer PayPal or not.

PayPal when using the seller model

If you have selected the seller model as your contract model, you can integrate your own PayPal business account via PayPal express checkout.

There are two variants that PayPal provides for this:

  • Via the technical interface of PayPal, called Rest API. You can use this interface as soon as you have a PayPal business account.
    This means that no automatic debits (so-called merchant debits) for subscription or installment payments are possible. Your customer then pays each installment separately by clicking on "New Installment" on their payment manage page, logging into PayPal and confirming the payment.
  • Via the technical interface PayPal NVP, provided that PayPal has activated you for the so-called Reference Transactions for the Express Checkout. You apply for this activation with PayPal. Since a lot of fraud happens with automatic debits, PayPal has corresponding requirements for activation, such as high monthly PayPal sales and few PayPal conflicts.

How do I connect my PayPal account?

You can find out how to connect your account in the article >>Setting up Paypal payments.

What amount do I receive into my PayPal account?

You will receive the full amount paid by the customer into your PayPal account.

Is the amount available to me immediately?

PayPal has its own security mechanisms. Some payments from PayPal may not be available immediately, in which case you will receive an email with the request not to deliver the product yet.

With new customers in particular, PayPal often withholds payments for e.g. 21 days, which means that the payments are given the status "On hold" and we cannot deliver the product, since we only deliver when the status is "Successful".

However, you can set immediate delivery in the pricing plan.

Do any additional costs apply with PayPal?

Yes, PayPal is an external payment provider with its own cost model. This means that you pay the transfer fees and service fees to us for our service and then also pay the fees charged by PayPal. 

What are the cancellation fees?

Please only make cancellations via our system because this is the only way to create a cancellation credit memo for you and your customer, so that you also have a receipt for your accounting. You will receive the service fee, which was already paid upon receipt of payment, back from us. PayPal also reimburses a small part of their fees.

Are automatic debits possible for subscription payments?

If your PayPal account has been activated for merchant debits (see above), the customer can decide whether or not the next installments for subscription and installment payments should be automatically debited. If not, they will receive an email 7 days before the due date and can then trigger the payment manually.

PayPal when using the reseller model

If your account is in the reseller model, PayPal is automatically available. 

If you have a lot of subscription and installment payments, we can also provide automatic debiting (merchant debits) for you. Please contact us about this via our request form and give us some information about the size of the payments and the products that you sell with subscription and installment payments.

Important: If you have been switched to merchant debits (PayPal NVP), this only applies to new orders. If you have existing customers with existing subscription or installment payments, they can switch their order to merchant debits in the following way:

  • They click on their payment management link.
  • They select "Change payment method".
  • They click on "PayPal" again. This performs the technical switch from "Rest API" to "NVP".
  • If the customer then triggers the next installment manually when it is due, they can activate merchant debits with PayPal.

What happens if my customer deactivates merchant debits with PayPal?

If the customer deactivates merchant debits with PayPal, we can no longer debit automatically. 

Important: This does not cancel the subscription that they have bought from the seller; it only cancels the automatic debits.

From then on, the customer triggers their due installments via their payment management link using the "New installment" button. >>Initiating next payment of a subscription or installment payment.

For this purpose, they receive an email 7 days before the due date, informing them that we cannot debit the payment and that the installment must be triggered manually.

If they would like to cancel their subscription with us, they also do this via their payment management link and the "Canceling a subscription" button. >>Canceling a subscription.

I have been using PayPal Rest so far, but have now activated PayPal NVP. How do customers with subscriptions or installment payments now switch to automatic merchant debits?

If a customer already has an order with a subscription / installment payments for which the payment is made via PayPal Rest, this is linked to the pricing plan for each subsequent payment.

To change this and switch to PayPal NVP, the customer must perform the following steps for the next payment:

  • View the payment manage page.
  • Click on "Change payment method".
  • Select PayPal again.

This will then switch the pricing plan to PayPal NVP. They will be redirected to PayPal where they can decide to agree to the merchant debits and they pay the next installment. If they have agreed, the subsequent installments are automatically debited until they cancel the subscription or revoke the debit agreement with PayPal.

PayPal conflicts

Regardless of a valid right of withdrawal as a consumer, the customer can submit a conflict or even an application for buyer protection to PayPal. You cannot prevent this and it has nothing to do with the statutory right of withdrawal or your extended money-back guarantee.

Please familiarize yourself with PayPal's information about the possible reasons for a conflict and the associated processing.

When using the seller model, you are completely responsible for processing.

If your account uses the reseller model, we receive the conflicts and will contact you accordingly so that you can contact your customer as required, depending on the reason for the conflict.

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