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Step 1: Requesting a conversion of the account to the reseller model

Neda Najjari
Neda Najjari
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tipp.png To apply for a contract as a reseller,

  • go to "Settings" and then "Payment methods",
  • click on "Request" under "Seller in the reseller model."

How to proceed with the reseller request

After you have clicked on "Request," a pop-up window opens where you can enter a short text or a note about your business. Read and confirm the terms and conditions for the reseller model.

Please note that the reseller is subject to sales tax. If you are not subject to sales tax, you should sell in your own name or think carefully beforehand whether this is the right model for you. If you sell B2C, your customers pay VAT while the reseller pays it and you only get paid the net price.


After that, your account will automatically be switched to the reseller model. You can already create everything, but you cannot sell any paid products.

To do this, you first need to legitimize your account and check the finished products that you want to sell.

Legitimization of your account

Since your sellers are in the name of the reseller, legitimation of your account is necessary.

Then upload the identification documents through >> our request form, such as

  • ID (front and back) or passport
  • Proof of your business such as a trade license, registration card (commercial register, register of associations), proof of your tax number
  • Proof of a valid sales tax ID
  • Proof of account holder for your cash-out account. This must be in your name or, in the case of legal entities, in the name of your company. The name of the account holder and the IBAN must be recognizable on the proof. This can be a photo of the EC card (not for companies), a bank statement, a screenshot from online banking, a letter from your bank, etc.


Product activation

See the next help article for how to submit finished products for review. Please complete your products before you submit them and check whether our activation conditions are met.

We will check this within 3 business days. As soon as your products are activated, you can sell.

Important: In the reseller model, you will receive a cash-out from us once or twice a month. You can get more information about this in the following steps.

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