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Is a sales restriction for certain groups of people / countries possible?

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A restriction of your offer to certain groups of buyers / e-mails / countries directly is not possible and especially with online offers it is also legally difficult to generally exclude certain groups of buyers.

But you can include something in your product conditions or have a custom field confirm that the conditions / restrictions you have saved are observed.

Here some examples:

Sales countries for online products

For tax reasons, do you only want to make your online offer available to customers from certain countries because taxation is too complicated for you?

With elopage, the tax calculation automatically takes into account the various constellations and taxes in the different countries - either using the standard tax table for each product or a tax table that you have custom stored. 

For the submission of taxes that have been incurred in other countries as part of the so-called Moss procedure, we provide your corresponding reports under Billing & Reports, which you can then submit to the Federal Central Tax Office.

-> Overview of VAT per country


Sale to adult customers only

If your product is legally only allowed to be sold to customers of legal age or full legal capacity, you can

create a custom field with an age query or one in which the customer confirms that he is fully legally competent before purchasing.

Sales only to certain professional groups

Some products and courses, e.g. in the medical field, are only allowed to be sold to specific professional groups (e.g. doctors / alternative practitioners).

Here, too, you can have this confirmed via a custom field before the purchase and include this in the terms of the product / your terms and conditions.

Exclude certain e-mail addresses from purchase

It is not possible to exclude certain e-mail addresses from purchasing. If someone wants to buy your product that you want to exclude, they will probably simply create a new e-mail address and use it to make the purchase.

Sales countries for physical products

If you sell physical products that are only delivered to certain countries, you can do the following:
a) Set the shipping prices for countries to which you do not deliver extremely high, so that this is noticed and a customer at such high costs tend not to buy and include a note about it.

b) for your product in the terms and conditions and or in the general terms and conditions, state that you only deliver to certain countries.

c) Create a custom field as a mandatory field, in which you confirm before buying that you have read this and confirm that you are only ordering from the relevant countries.

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