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Viewing products in the browser or the app

Neda Najjari
Neda Najjari
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Viewing the purchased products in the browser

You can find the products purchased through our platform when you log into our site in your browser.

There you will find your products in the payer account under "Products." 

Here is an example of what the elopage payer account looks like.

If you have bought something from different sellers, you can click on the seller's name above and then see their products.

If it doesn't look like the image above (white navigation, elopage logo), the seller is using its own design. You should then find your products there. If not, please contact the seller directly, provided you have checked the information under "I cannot find my products."

Viewing the products via the seller's Android/iPhone app

If the seller has its own app for its customers, you will only find the online course and memberships of this seller there, because the app is not an elopage app, but the app of the respective seller and appears in its design.

If you have multiple products from sellers with their own app, please install the respective apps on your smartphone.

More on this -> Apps of the respective sellers.


I cannot find my products

  • Please check whether you are actually logged into the payer account. You will see this when you have accessed your elopage account, on the left side of the navigation.
    If you have viewed a different account type (e.g. seller account or publisher account), please switch to the payer account.

  • If there are no products in your account or if some are missing, please check under Settings / Profile with which email address you are logged in. Then check to which email address the purchase confirmation email from the seller was sent. You may have purchased the product with a different email address. Then please log out and log in with the correct email address.

  • If the seller has an app that you want to access, it will not run on the name elopage, but on the seller's name. So install the app with the name of the corresponding store to get access to the respective booked products through it. 

I only see products from one seller. Where can I find those that I have bought from another seller?

After you are logged in, do you not see your elopage payer account, but a page in the seller's custom design?

  • Then click on "My Account" at the top right to switch to your elopage payer account.


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