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Issuing coupon code for publisher

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Would you like to issue a coupon code that your publisher would like to use for his advertising?

Simply store the publisher directly when creating the coupon code and send it to the publisher which he can pass on to his customers.


This eliminates the long URL with PID and PRID and your publishers can, for example, announce the code directly and easily noticeable in their podcast or distribute it via social media or email.

It is also irrelevant here whether the customer buys via the normal URL or if you use domain mapping, goes through your subdomain. Once the code is entered, the purchase is assigned to the publisher.


The publisher you want to add has already accepted your affiliate program.


  • Go to "Marketing" and "Partner Programs"
  • Click the "Publisher" tab

Here you can find all publishers with the partner programs in which they are stored. You can select all publishers who have accepted the program (status = active) with the coupon code.

If a publisher is registered in several programs, look beforehand in this overview for the ID in the first column. This is the ID that you then store when selecting the publisher.


  • Create the coupon code.
  • Select the products for which this is valid and make sure that the products are also included in the partner program. If you have selected all or more products and the customer buys a product with the coupon code that is not included in the partner program, it will not be assigned to the publisher.
  • Then select the appropriate publisher under "Additional options" below.



How does the publisher get the code?

These coupon codes are not displayed in the publisher account like the links that they can generate there.

Do you still need the tracking link with PID and PRID?

You need the tracking link if there is no discount for the product.

Can I also add the code to my publisher landing page?

Yes, you can also use the URL parameters to put the code behind an image, for example place the button on your landing page.

>> Create a URL with your coupon code

Why do I see the same publisher in the list several times?

If a publisher is enrolled in several programs, please enter the combination of number and name that is relevant for the partner program.

Can I create a coupon code that is valid for all partner programs in which this publisher participates?

No, a separate coupon code is required for each combination of partner program and publisher.

Can I create a common coupon code for all publishers?

No, there is a separate code for each publisher.

What if the customer clicked on a publisher link from publisher A, but buys with the coupon code from publisher B? Who receives the commission?

The publisher whose coupon code was entered receives the commission.

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