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Creating certificate

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UseCase.png Use

You can sell a certificate

  • as a stand alone product or
  • deliver as an Award if your customer completes a certain lesson or passes a quiz in an online course.

The certificate receives the design you intended and is filled with the customer data or, on delivery, as an award with the name of the lesson or the quiz result. 

Various use cases are conceivable here, such as:

  • Training certificate
  • Badges, for example gold, silver, bronze, which you give to particularly active existing customers, for example
  • Certificates
  • Attestations etc.

You can offer certificates for purchase or have them automatically delivered free of charge (e.g. from an online course as an Award or via the Zapier Trigger Zapier Action "Create Free Payment".

Your customers will then see the certificate as a product in their elopage buyer account.


Voraussetzungen.png Requirements

Available in all packages, no separate booking is necessary.


Artikelu-berblick.pngOverview of this article

Create certificate

 Schritt-fu_r-Schritt-Anleitung.png  Step-by-step instructions

Create certificate

  • Go to "Products" and click on "Create"

  • Select the product type "Certificate".


    As usual, you will then see the tabs with the various configuration steps. With the exception of the "Details" and "Design" tab, these are identical to the other product types.


    Therefore, in this article, we will only deal with the special features of the certificate.


  • Name the product accordingly, because the product name will be displayed to your customer in their buyer account and can also be printed on the certificate.
  • If you want to deliver the certificate as an award, it needs a sales release, even if you do not want to sell it as a separate product. Then at least set it in the rider to "private" in the "Other" tab.

Create certificate IDs

In the "Details" tab you can create the codes for the certificate ID. The ID is printed on the respective certificate.

You can create or generate the codes

  • manually (if you sell the product individually) or
  • let us create it automatically upon delivery (e.g. as an award for a passed quiz in the online course).

Beispiele.png Example

Create code manually

You can enter your codes manually in the Codes field below or you can generate the number stored under "Number" at the push of a button.
With "Format" you can use our parameters to add additional components to your prefix.

Here we have, for example, selected "You Are the Winner" as a prefix and then specified the parameter for a numerical extension with 3 digits. If you then click on "Add" on the right, 10 codes will be generated automatically and saved in the product for deliver.

Each code is delivered once.


Important! Create enough codes to match the number of certificates to be delivered.

Have your code generated automatically


The code generation parameters

  • %{alphanumeric_X}: alphanumeric addition or numbers and letters, instead of X please enter the number of digits that should be added.
  • % {numeric_X}: numerical addition or numbers, instead of X please enter the number of digits to be added.
  • % {alphabetic_X}: alphabetical addition or letters, instead of X please enter the number of digits to be added.

Validity of the certificate

Here you decide whether

  • your certificate is valid indefinitely or
  • only for a certain period of time.

If you decide on your specific period of time, then you can either

  • set the end date or
  • the duration from delivery (i.e. usually the purchase or delivery via the Award) function.

Design of the certificate 

As with the eTicket product type, you can upload an image file as a background for the certificate and configure the content that is available and offered by us in terms of font design and position.

Please use the DIN A4 dimensions and relations for your picture in landscape or portrait format (i.e.  29.7 x 21.0 cm for landscape format and 21.0 x 29.7 cm for portrait format) so that everything is displayed correctly. If you choose a resolution of 300 PPI, these are 2480 x 3580 pixels in landscape format and 3580 x  2480 pixels in portrait format.

We automatically fill in the data when creating the certificate. 


You can move the individual blocks or double click to call up the settings for formatting or hiding.

  • Choose portrait or landscape
  • Upload an image
  • Configure the text blocks


Wichtig_.png Important!

  • If you want your certificate to contain your own text, please include it in the image file that you are uploading and then arrange the fields accordingly.
  • Please hide all fields that are not relevant for your "Use Case".
  • Fields that cannot be filled in automatically are hidden (e.g. address or quiz score in a quiz that you rated manually)
  • If you did not ask for certain customer data such as address or surname when purchasing the online course or certificate, hide these fields here.

Hinweis.png Notes

The date and time fields relate to the delivery of the certificate.

The ID of the certificate is unique for the customer and is generated according to your settings on the Details page. 

Right of withdrawal:
If you sell the certificate as a product, it has the same options for the right of withdrawal as the download product.

Standard tax table:
If you sell the certificate as a product, the standard tax table used here is that of the download product. 

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