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Selling mass access to online courses & memberships

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UseCase.png Use

When you sell your online course / membership, each customer can only buy this product once. When purchasing with his data, he receives the purchase confirmation email with the button to create a password or to log in.

-> How do I get the password for my online course / conference / membership?

Would you like to sell your online course / the membership to larger companies that use it, for example, to conduct their employee training? This works by you not only selling the course directly, but rather the product "Keys / codes" with the corresponding number of 100% coupon codes.


The company that buys the product then gets

  • the invoice in the company name and
  • the corresponding number of coupon codes will be delivered

...and can then give each employee their own code.

The staff member then goes to your course's checkout page, enters the details and the coupon code, and then receives the course purchase confirmation email.

 Schritt-fu_r-Schritt-Anleitung.png  Step-by-step instructions

The details for creating the respective product / coupon codes can be found in the instructions linked here. The essential steps to sell a so-called "mass access" are described below.

1. Creating an online course / membership

Create your online course / membership as usual.

-> Creating an online course

-> Creating a membership

Wichtig_.png Important!

Your product needs a sale approval, even if it is free with the coupon code.

Hinweis.png Tips

  • If you have activated the comment feature for the online course and sell the course to different companies, you should create a separate course for each company (i.e. duplicate it), if the employees in the course and in the comments should be kept to themselves.

  • Here you should then adapt the so-called "purchase confirmation email" in the "Delivery" step and, for example, delete parameters relating to the payment or adapt the salutation, depending on what is appropriate for the company that purchases the product.



  • If you create a course just for this one company, you should set it to "private" so that it is not displayed on your shop page and in the search engines.

  • Check which data you need from the participants of the online course. Since the course is obtained free of charge from the individual employees, the setting of the checkout page template for free products applies here.

    First name, last name and email address are requested as standard. If you have changed the default and also ask for an address and this is not required here, then create a new checkout page template and provide this in the online course / membership.

-> Adapting the design of the checkout page 

2. Creating bulk coupon codes

For this course / membership, create the appropriate number of bulk coupon codes you need as

  • 100% coupon codes
  • which can only be applied to this product.


Please configure the voucher to match the product's pricing plan. For example, do you normally only offer the product with a subscription / If you plan to pay in installments, then check the box next to the code.

If you do not offer the company the course individually but as a bundle with other products, then check the bundle box.

-> Creating bulk coupon codes

Wichtig_.png Important!

Test your coupon code beforehand.

3. Creating a keys / codes type product

Now create the actual product that your customer buys, namely of the type "Keys / codes type.

-> Creating keys / codes

  • Label and describe the product accordingly and provide the product image
  • If necessary, link to the online course with the table of contents in the description so that the customer can get an impression of the course structure before purchasing
  • Activate the item "Allow multiple orders" and provide the quantity. For example, if a company should be able to buy 100 accesses at once, enter 100. 
  • On the "Codes" tab, import the coupon codes created in step 2.


  • Provide the price per piece on the "Checkout page."
  • Enter additional information under "Delivery" in the purchase confirmation email in order to purchase the actual product, i.e. the link to the checkout page of the online course / membership.
  • If necessary, make additional settings such as the setting "private" and publish the product.


Create a checkout page template and provide it with this product and set it up so that

  • it only applies to companies if the product is only intended to be purchased by companies
  • the gift option is not visible
  • the field for entering a coupon code is not visible and

deposit it with the product "Keys / codes."

Since companies like to buy on account, you should activate purchase on account in the pricing plan and provide the payment period.

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