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Selling in the reseller model

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Would you like to change the contract model?

If you have been using the seller model until now, you can simply apply for inclusion in the reseller model yourself. We have described the process for you in this article.

However, if you want to switch from the reseller model to the seller model, you can only do so in specific cases. The prerequisite is always that all installment payments have been made and all subscriptions have ended. If this applies to you, send us your request at >> If not, create a new seller account at >> and read the >>Important notes at the end of this article.


U_berblick_u_ber_diesen_Artikel.png Overview

Switching from the seller model to the reseller model

Product approval in the reseller model

Cash outs in the reseller model

Switching from the reseller model to the seller model

Important notes

More information about contract models


Schritt-fu_r-Schritt-Anleitung.png Step by Step Guide

Switching from the Seller Model to the Reseller Model

  • In the main menu of your seller account, click on "Settings" and "Payment Methods." 
  • Scroll down to the "Reseller Model" section.
  • Click on "Request."


  • Now click on the "Send Documents" link.
  • Feel free to open the support article by clicking on the "To initiate the next steps …" link.
  • Accept the terms and conditions for using the reseller model by clicking on the "checkbox".
  • Now click "Request Activation."


Evidence for Authentication

We require a digital copy of the following documents in order to authenticate you:

  • Identity card (front and back) or passport with registration certificate (if you reside outside the D-A-CH region).
  • Trade license or excerpt from the commercial register (if available).
  • Evidence of your VAT ID (official letter from the tax office), or your tax number (not tax ID) with the associated job title (official letter from the tax office) if you are not subject to VAT and/or are freelance.
  • Evidence of your cash out account with IBAN and the name of the account holder (e.g. bank card or account statement).

After you have submitted all your documents, you can apply for approval of your products. 

Wichtig_.png Note:
If you do not provide all your authentication documents, you will receive a message from us requesting that you send the missing evidence.

Product Approval in the Reseller Model

Before being sold by the reseller, your products are reviewed for legality, authenticity and professionalism. The review process can take up to 3 working days to complete. Please take this into account in your planning and request product approval in good time. You remain responsible for the content of your products and for protecting copyrights. How to request approval is explained in the support article with the title >>Requesting Review for Ready to Sell Products.

Cash outs in the Reseller Model

In the reseller model, your revenue is automatically cashed out once or twice a month. Before the first cash out and for the following cash outs, the reseller reserves the right to a safety buffer of 15 to 30 days in order to make a reliable assessment of your payment flows. If your revenue, minus cancellations and chargebacks, is stable, your cash out interval can be shortened to 2 months accordingly. Cash outs will be made within 3 working days following the 1st and/or 15th of the month.

Switching from the Reseller Model to the Seller Model

  • Create a new seller account at >>
  • Next, in the main menu of your seller account, click "Settings" and "Payment Methods." Now go to "Seller" and click "Create."


  • Go back to "Payment Methods", where you will see an overview of the payment providers (e.g. >>elopage PLUS, >>PayPal) with which you can offer the various payment methods.


Important Notes

  • If you set up a second seller account for yourself, use a different email address than the one you provided when you opened your first account. Please also modify your shop name, e.g. "my_shop" instead of the original "myshop". If this is not possible, we will provide you with further assistance at >>

  • ​​​​​​​If your reseller account already contains a lot of products and customer data, please contact us so that we can work together to find a suitable solution for you and you can continue to sell successfully with elopage: >>Send request

  • If you are not subject to VAT (e.g. as a small business owner), from a tax point of view it is always advisable to choose the seller model. In the reseller model, VAT is generally levied on your products and must be paid by your customers. However, since you are exempt from VAT, net amounts will be cashed out to you. Therefore, please always enter net amounts for your product prices. You can find more information about this in the support article entitled >>Setting Prices to NET.

More Information about Contract Models

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