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Providing the minimum term for subscriptions

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Do you have an unlimited subscription pricing plan? Then you can provide

  • a minimum term and possibly additionally
  • an extension there

With the minimum term, the customer is obliged to pay for the subscription by the end of the minimum term.

Both are shown to the customer before the purchase on the checkout page and in the purchase confirmation email. If you use your own purchase confirmation email, it will only be displayed if you have entered the relevant parameters.

In the order details for the respective order, you can see the minimum term for this order.


  • You offer a subscription with monthly payment and quarterly payment. Without a minimum term, the customer can always end this, up to one day before the next due date.

    a) You want your customer to stay with you for at least a year. Thereafter, he can always end the payment one day before the next installment is due. Then you provide a minimum term of 1 year.

    b) You want the contract to always run for a year. Then you add an extension of one year to the minimum term of one year. 


  • Booked package from Advanced or
  • booked app "minimum term."

Providing the minimum term in the pricing plan

When you are editting your pricing plan you can see the switcher "minimum term" there.

  • Activating the switcher.


  • Then configure the minimum term and, if necessary, an extension.

    Minimum term: You can set the minimum term here. 

    Renewal: After the minimum term, you can set an automatic renewal. If the subscription is not canceled, the term is automatically extended.

    Under "Preview of checkout page," you can see how this affects the presentation of the pricing plan on the checkout page.


What is the status of the order if the customer cancels during the minimum term?

As long as the customer is obliged to pay, i.e. even if the customer has terminated within the minimum term or renewal, the subscription will be shown to you as active. The status does not change until the expiration date.


On October 26th, 2020, your customer bought a product with a minimum term of 6 months and, as a precaution, canceled it on the day of purchase.

The pricing plan therefore continues until the end of the minimum term on April 26, 2021. This can also be viewed by your customers on their payment manage page.

15.pngIn the orders, the status will still be shown as active.

How can the customer see the terms and conditions after the purchase?

The customer can find the terms and conditions for the term on his payment manage page.

If you use the custom purchase confirmation email, you can also include the corresponding parameters in your text, with which the customer is informed about his terms and end dates.

When does the minimum term start?

The minimum term starts with the order, except for the trial period. In the case of a trial period, the minimum term begins after the trial period has expired.

How can I clearly point out the minimum term to the customer before buying?

You have various options for doing this:

  • You can clearly indicate the minimum term on your product or checkout page.
  • If necessary, you can also create a custom field with which the customer must explicitly click that he has noticed this.
  • If you only have this product or only products with an identical minimum term, you can also include this in your terms and conditions, which the customer accepts before purchasing.

Parameters for your custom purchase confirmation email

If you use the custom purchase confirmation email, you can use the following parameters to inform the customer about the minimum term and the extension. 

  • Minimum term %{minimum_terms_duration}

  • End of the minimum term %{minimum_terms_end_date}

  • Extension period %{minimum_terms_extension_duration}

  • End of the next renewal period %{minimum_terms_extension_end_date}

Example text:

The subscription includes a minimum term of %{minimum_terms_duration}, that means you can get the subscription with effect from %{minimum_terms_end_date} via your payment manage link. The subscription continues without cancellation %{minimum_terms_extension_duration}. The next termination date after the minimum term has expired is %{minimum_terms_extension_end_date}.

How can I see what minimum term was agreed upon for the purchase?

You can see in the details for the respective order which minimum term was agreed upon with the customer for the purchase.


How can I display subscriptions with a minimum term in the analyses?

If you use our analysis dashboard, you can go to "Payments" and "Analyses", then filter payments in the dashboard for subscription and installment payments, e.g. for subscriptions with a minimum term.



What data is passed on to my system or via Zapier via the webhooks?

If you use webhooks or pass on data for a purchase via Zapier, we provide the following data:

  • Minimum term duration

  • End date of the minimum term

  • Duration of the extension of the minimum term

  • End date for the extension of the minimum term.

What happens if I uninstall the app or change the package?

If the "Minimum term" app is no longer booked because you have canceled it or switched to a lower package, the minimum term will be deactivated for all orders. The customer can then always end the subscription at the end of the respective payment interval.


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