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Analyses: funnels

Neda Najjari
Neda Najjari
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You can use the analysis tools to see how successfully you generate upsells with your sales funnels.


Schritt-fu_r-Schritt-Anleitung.png  Step-by-step guide

  • Go to "Funnels" in the main menu of your provider account under "Templates" and select a funnel from the list, for example by clicking on the "funnel ID" or the "funnel name".


  • The "Edit funnel / Details" view opens. Click on "Analyses" in the top right corner.


  • Now select the funnel you want to analyze from the drop-down list.


  • You have the choice between two views, the "overview" and the "detailed view." You can change the view simply by clicking on the "switcher".


  • If you click on the "three dots", the following options open up:
    • Change the color of the graph (for overview)
    • Reducing and enlarging the diagram
    • Deleting the diagram
    • Duplicating the diagram


Tip: In the analysis view you can arrange several funnel diagrams directly one below the other or next to one another. You can choose the same funnel but different views (overview and detailed view) or you can compare two or more funnels with each other by creating diagrams with different funnels.


  • In each view you can select both the time period and the currency to be displayed.




In the overview view you will find details on:

  • Total revenue generated in the funnel


  • Total number of funnel visits (eye symbol)
  • Total number of successful funnel purchases (shopping cart symbol).
  • Total conversion rate (i.e. conversion from visitor to payer) of the funnel in percent (diagram symbol).


  • Number of funnel visits per funnel level (i.e. all funnel steps on this level).

  • Number of successful funnel purchases per funnel level (shopping cart symbol).


  • Conversion rate in percent per funnel level.


Detailed view

In the detailed view you will get the following additional information:

  • Number of purchases not made ("canceled") by clicking on the "do not buy" button (e.g. "No, thank you" button).

  • Number of customers who have already bought one or more of the upsell products offered in the funnel (relevant if you have stored a "skip" logic).

  • Sales per funnel.

  • Conversion rate per funnel step.


Funnel overview

In the funnel overview you can find all your funnels at a glance.

  • You can duplicate this list by clicking on the "duplicate" symbol.
  • Click on the "trash can" icon to delete the overview or duplicates that you no longer need.


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