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Sharing & selling online courses

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You can share your created online courses with other elopage providers. Have you invested a lot of time & brainpower in your online course? Then determine its value and sell the license!

To use this feature, you'll need the "Product Sharing" feature in your package.

With it you can share & sell the following pages

  • Online course themes
  • Online course products, including a product description and delivery email
  • Online course sites

Info.png Info 

If you have uploaded videos to our partner Wistia, they will not be imported into the account that imports the course. If you have hosted videos externally, e.g. on YouTube and Vimeo, and integrated them into your course via a code, these videos will also be displayed in the imported course, provided that the privacy settings of your video hoster allow this.

The online course products you share or sell cannot be resold or shared in the same way. Even if the sellers who use your theme duplicate the theme, it can't be shared.


U_berblick_u_ber_diesen_Artikel.png Overview 

Share & sell online course product

Public sharing

Importing a publicly shared course

Protected sharing & selling

Importing a protected shared course

Deactivate/activate or delete share link


Schritt-fu_r-Schritt-Anleitung.png Step-by-step guide 

Share & sell online course product

  • Click on "Products" in the main menu of your supplier account.
  • Select the online course you want to share or sell and click "Share" on the right.


  • The pop-up "Share course" opens.

Public sharing

  • After clicking on "Share" next to the selected theme, the "Share Course" pop-up will open. Select the "Public" option here.


  • By clicking on "Generate share link" you will receive a custom link that you can share with other elopage sellers.


  • The share link can be copied by clicking on the "Copy" symbol or on the "Copy link" button and sent, for example by e-mail or chat.

Importing a publicly shared course

  • The providers to whom you have submitted the "Share Link" import your online course product as follows:
    • View the share link
    • Preview
    • Click on the "Import Course" button


Protected sharing & selling

  • To share or sell your course securely, create the product in advance "Keys / Codes" and name it accordingly (e.g. online course "Content in the glass").
  • If you only want to protect your course, but offer it free of charge, set the "Keys / Codes" product to free when creating the product in the tab "checkout page."

Use the same cover image as for the original product. If you do not want your shared online course product to be found via Internet search, set the associated "Keys / Codes" product to "Private" in the "Other" tab when creating the product (see below).


  • Select the online course that you want to share or sell and click on "Share" on the right.


  • In the pop-up window that opens, select the "Protected" sharing option.
  • Now choose that "Keys / Codes" product (here in the example online course "Content in the Glass") with which you are sharing or selling your protected theme.


  • Now click on "Generate share link."


Importing a protected shared course

  • The sellers to whom you can provide the "Keys / Codes" product free of charge or sell it will automatically receive a code by email.
  • As soon as the share link is viewed, the preview of the shared course opens again with the "Import course" button with the "Start import" button. Here, buyers of your course or the "keys/codes" product enter the code received by e-mail after ordering, confirm the activation of the license code by clicking on the checkbox and click on "Apply."
  • You send the share link to the sellers, e.g. by e-mail or chat. Recipients should be logged into their elopage seller account.


Deactivate/activate or delete share link

You can delete or deactivate the created share links at any time.

  • Simply click on "Share" for the respective online course to get an overview of the created share links.
  • By clicking on the three dots on the right side, the following options open:
    • Deactivating / activating a share link
    • Deleting a share link

Deactivating / activating a share link

  • Click the "Forbidden" icon to disable the share link. The status of the share link is now "inactive."



  • To reactivate the share link, click on the 3 dots again and on the "Open Lock" icon. The status of the link is then "active" again.


Deleting a share link

  • If you want to permanently delete the share link, click the "Trash" icon in the options. The share link will be deleted directly.


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