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Currencies with elopage PLUS

Neda Najjari
Neda Najjari
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With your elopage PLUS account, you can offer the following currencies in addition to euros (EUR) for the payment methods credit card, debit card and prepayment:

  • Swiss Francs (CHF)
  • US dollars (USD)
  • Polish zloty (PLN)
  • British pounds (GBP)





Billing elopage costs

Booking the app

Activating the additional currencies for elopage PLUS

Providing prices in another currency

Frequent questions and answers

More about currencies



  • >>Currencies CHF & USD app booked
  • elopage PLUS (if you want to offer payments via the payment methods that it allows).


When cashing out, you can select the cash-out account to which the cash-out is made in this currency. If you do not have a current account in the currency of the cash-out, your bank will convert the amount into EUR. As a rule, your bank will also charge foreign exchange fees.


The costs per transfer are 2% more than payments in EUR.

Billing of elopage costs

elopage costs are still billed in EUR, even for sellers from Switzerland.


Step-by-step guide 

Booking the app

  • Book the free >>Currencies CHF & USD app under "All apps and plans". The additional currencies then become immediately available in the pricing plans and you can use them to provide prices. 

Wichtig_.png Important

If you want to enable the additional currencies for prepayments and payments by credit card or SEPA, you need elopage PLUS. Without elopage PLUS, these payment methods would not be displayed until the checkout page. Once a customer then clicks on a pricing plan in CHF, USD, etc., only the payment methods that are possible in this currency are displayed.

Especially with regard to purchasing on account, please note that the customer cannot transfer any money if you do not have elopage PLUS or have not activated the currencies there. The payment methods "Pay now (Sofort)" and "SEPA direct debit" are only possible for transfers in EUR.

Activating the additional currencies for elopage PLUS

Hinweis.png Please note

If you have not yet activated elopage PLUS, please book the >>app, activate it and upload the documents for authentication. You can find detailed instructions in the support article >>activate elopage PLUS.

  • Go to "Settings" and then "Payment methods". Click on the "Update pricing plans" button.15.png
  • Select the currency you want.


  • Click on "Continue."


  • The currency you just added will then be shown on the page and you can add it to the pricing plans.

Providing prices in another currency

  • Under "Currency", select the currency and provide the prices in this currency.


Frequent questions and answers

What does the checkout page look like if payment is possible in multiple currencies?

As usual, on the checkout page you will find the pricing plans that you have provided for the product.

Once a customer clicks on a "pricing plan" in another currency, only the payment methods that are possible in this currency are displayed.

UseCase.png Use case

You use elopage LITE for payments made via Sofort transfer and prepayment, and use elopage PLUS for credit card payments. This means that payment in the other currency is only possible by credit card.


How does the "Purchase on account" payment method work for payments in other currencies?

If you have provided a pricing plan in other currencies and have activated "Purchase on account", the invoice will be created in the respective currency.
From the invoice, the customer then clicks on the link and is taken to the checkout page. Only the payment methods for which the currency has been provided are displayed here.


Wichtig_.png Important
If, under "Settings" and "Payment methods", you have activated prepayment for elopage LITE and not for elopage PLUS, it is not possible to pay the invoice in a foreign currency by bank transfer.

What currency is used for cash-outs for publishers and joint venture partners?

Commissions, including joint venture commissions, are always paid in the currency in which the product or products were purchased.

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