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Connecting the email provider with SMTP

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Do you want to place your brand in your emails? With the SMTP feature, your customers immediately recognize that they have received a message from your company. This also reduces the likelihood that your emails will be marked as spam. For more visibility of your corporate identity, also activate the >> domain mapping for all your elopage URLs.

With SMTP, emails are sent via your or your email provider's server, i.e. the respective conditions such as daily limits, etc. apply. If technical difficulties occur on the part of your server or provider, emails will be sent from "" At best, your email provider informs you about the cause on the part of the recipients (e.g. mailbox does not exist, mailbox full, marked as spam).


Before making the setting, please familiarize yourself with the requirements for this with your email provider and it is best to create a so-called SPF registration with your provider, as without these emails are often sorted as spam or completely blocked by the email providers of your recipients >> Provide SPF registration for SMTP.

Test the sending after switching to SMTP and look at your email provider in the sending logs, because we do not get any information in the email log when emails are blocked there.

Some providers require special authentication so that SMTP emails can be sent.

If you have set up 2-factor authentication with your email provider, then a change is necessary, as we do not offer 2-factor authentication for sending emails.

Office 365
Then change this setting to an app password, which is the case with Office 365, for example. Here you need an app for passwords. Please see >> here how to create one.


If you're using Gmail, see this article on >> Gmail security warning for custom SMTP.


Set up SMTP

Test SMTP settings

Deactivate SMTP


Step-by-step guide

Set up SMTP

  • Go to the technical setup and "Email Configuration" in the settings of your seller account. 
  • Click here on the "Custom SMTP" switcher.


info.png Info

If you have not yet booked the free "Custom SMTP" app, a corresponding window will open. Just click here on "Book now." You can then use the "Custom SMTP" feature without any restrictions.

  • If the app is booked, click on the switcher to open additional fields in which you can enter the SMTP information of the desired email provider.

tipp.png Tip

A quick browser search for the SMTP information, e.g. "Gmail SMTP," almost always leads to the correct result.

  • Choose whether your emails should be automatically encrypted with STARTTLS. If so, check the box next to "Automatic encryption (STARTTLS)."
  • Then click on "Test SMTP Settings."


  • If the test is successful, a confirmation in green appears in the upper right.


  • If an error has occurred, a warning will appear in red. The following can be the causes of the error message: 
    • SMTP information is incorrect, e.g. wrong port number, wrong SMTP server, password entry error, etc.
    • Your external email provider has blocked the login for security reasons.


  • Please first check the correctness of the information entered and test the connection again. If you get an error message again, log into the email inbox to be connected and check whether you have received a security warning. If so, follow the steps your email provider gives you to allow the connection.
  • If the test was successful, you can save your settings by clicking on the now blue "Save" button.


  • A pop-up opens asking you to confirm the settings again. Click here again on "Save."


  • A confirmation appears in green that the settings have been saved successfully and the "Save" button is now gray.



Activate automatic sending "Allow automatic emails to customers" (such as purchase confirmation). This must be marked and the settings saved so that elopage can send emails.smtp_email_einstellungen.png

info.png Info

We'll show you how to control which email notifications are sent in >>Manage email notifications.

Test SMTP settings

If you want to test your settings, you have the following options:

In the >> Email log you will find details of all emails sent from your elopage seller account.


Deactivate SMTP

  • Click the "Custom SMTP" switcher to switch the sender back to ""


info.png Info

The settings are retained, so you can easily reactivate the SMTP feature by clicking on the switcher.

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