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Merging payer accounts

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Please not that this action is currently unavailable. We apologize and will inform as soon as the problem is fixed.

Have you used different email addresses for your purchases and therefore have several elopage payer accounts? You can easily merge your accounts for a better overview of your products. You choose which of the accounts will remain and which, together with its products, will be merged with the selected account.

What happens when merging payer accounts?

  • The account whose content is transferred to another will be terminated.
  • All products, including course and membership access, as well as all information on orders and transfers, are transferred to the existing account.
  • All profile information of the canceled account will be overwritten with the information from the existing account.

Step-by-step instructions

  • Log into the payer account, the content of which is to be transferred to another payer account and dissolved accordingly.
  • Go in the menu of the payer account which can be found under "Settings" and "Profile."
  • Click on the "options symbol" in the upper right corner and then on "Merge accounts."


  • A pop-up opens with the merge options. Here select "Merge the current account with another account."
  • Then click on "Request code."


  • The code is generated. Please click here on "Get code" and then close the window by clicking on the "close symbol".


It is best to temporarily save the merge code, for example as a draft email or in your computer's text editor, in case it is accidentally overwritten on the clipboard.


  • Now log into the payer account which should remain and to which the products of the account to be canceled should be added.
  • Go again under "Settings" to "Profile," the options symbol and then to "Merge accounts."


  • Here select "Merge another account into current account."
  • Then click on "Paste code."


  • Paste the merge code you copied earlier in the space provided and click on "Merge accounts."



Merging is only possible for payer accounts. All other accounts belonging to this email address, such as publisher accounts, remain unaffected by this action.

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