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Filtering orders & transfers intelligently

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Our extensive filter functions for your >>Order and >>transfer overview make accounting and reporting even smarter and more efficient. You can customize the filter settings down to the last detail and thus optimally adapt them to your business. Easily create clear lists, segment order and transaction details according to your requirements and benefit from meaningful analyses and reports directly in your seller account. Of course, you can also export your overviews as CSV and download receipts in PDF. In combination with the multiple selection of filter criteria and the >>Save set filter settings, this elopage feature ensures even more business intelligence in your online company.


U_berblick_u_ber_diesen_Artikel.png Overview

Filter criteria & multiple selection

Filter orders

Filter transfers

Filter cashouts

Delete filters

Export orders & transfers as CSV


Filter criteria & multiple selection


Filter by the date the order was received.

Success date

Filter by date of successful payment.


Filter according to the point in time from which your customers received access to the product. 

Hide free

Only display the paid orders.


Filter for orders in different currencies (EUR, CHF or USD).


Filter by type of transfer, e.g. incoming payments or refunds.

Payment status

Filter orders according to their payment status (e.g. waiting for incoming payment, paid). 

Show orders waiting for finalization

View orders that are in the "waiting for finalization" status. You can find more information about the payment status in our support article >>Payment status of orders.

Successful payments

Only display orders with successfully received payment.

Payment method

Filter according to the different payment methods your customers have used to order.


View orders with different payment rhythms such as "one-time" or "subscription."


Filter by payment service provider, e.g. elopage PLUS and PayPal NVP.

Cashout ID

By entering the cashout number, you can view all the transfers from which the cashout was generated.

UseCase.png Use case

You're selling in our reseller model and your sales from one month are paid out to you collectively. Now you want to export all transfers from which your last cashout was generated as a CSV. Simply copy the payout ID and filter your transaction overview accordingly. >>Click here to go to the instructions.

Number of payments

If orders are paid by subscription or in installments, you can filter them according to the number of payments already made. 

Coupon code

Filter by orders where a coupon code was used. Enter the coupon code IDs here.


Filter by customers. You can search by name, ID or email address.


Filter for the products that your customers have ordered by entering the product ID or the product name.


Filter for eTicket orders by the name of the eTicket product.

Partner program

You can filter orders generated via an affiliate program using the name or ID of the affiliate program.


Filter orders by the publishers they are assigned to. Enter the name or ID of your publisher here.


You can filter orders placed in a sales funnel via "OneClick" by entering the funnel name or ID.

Funnel step

You can even filter your orders based on the specific funnel pages on which your customers bought additional products. In order to display all orders and transfers that were generated via one of your funnels, proceed as described below:

  • In the main menu of your seller account, go to "Overview" and click on the "To the analysis area" button.


  • Go to "Orders" and scroll to the funnel diagram.
  • Choose your funnel and set the switcher to "Details view."
  • You see your funnel course as a structure tree.
  • Click on the number next to "Customers" to get to the order overview, which is filtered according to the orders in the selected funnel step.
  • Clicking on the number next to "Sales" takes you to the transfer overview, which is filtered by the transfers in the selected funnel step.


Hinweis.pngPlease note

If you have not yet created an analysis diagram for Funnel, go to "Orders" in the analysis area as described above and scroll down until you see the orange "Add" button. Click on "Add," select "Funnel" as the diagram type in the pop-up and click on "Add." Your funnel diagram has now been added.

Also make sure that you set the desired period of analysis correctly!

Camp ID

Filter for orders that are assigned to a campaign via the Campaign ID. How to create marketing links with parameters such as Campaign ID with elopage can be found in the support articles >>Marketing Tools and >>Marketing Tools: Parameters.

UseCase.png Use case

You have run a marketing campaign on various channels that you now want to evaluate. By filtering your order overview according to the campaign IDs, you can see exactly which and how many products your customers have ordered based on which campaign.


Hinweis.pngPlease note

Thanks to multiple selection, you can also make several entries per filter criterion at the same time.



Schritt-fu_r-Schritt-Anleitung.png Step-by-step guide

Filter orders

  • In the main menu of your seller account, go to "Orders" under "Customers." This will take you to your order overview.


  • Now click on the "funnel" symbol in the top left and the filter menu will open.


  • Choose >>all criteria here according to which you want to filter the overview by clicking on the "checkbox" and clicking on "Apply."


Filter transfers

  • If you are already in your order overview, simply click on the "Transfers" tab. Alternatively, you can go to your payment overview via "Customers" and "Transfers."


  • Click on the "funnel" icon at the top left and the filter menu opens.


  • Choose >>all criteria here according to which you want to filter the overview by clicking on the "checkbox" and clicking on "Apply."


Filter cashouts

  • In the main menu of your seller account, go to "Cashouts" under "Billing & Reports."
  • Copy the cashout ID that you want to filter your transfer overview by.


  • In the main menu of your seller account, go to Transfers under "Payments."
  • Now click on the "funnel" icon at the top left and the filter menu opens.


  • Mark the filter criterion "Cashout ID" by clicking on the checkbox and enter the number of the cashout period in order to list all transfers associated with this cashout.
  • Click on "Apply."


Delete filters

  • Click on the "funnel" icon in your order or transfer overview.
  • Click on the "Delete" button to remove all filters that have been set.


Hinweis.pngPlease note

Deleting the filter settings has no effect on your >>saved filter settings

Export orders & transfers as CSV

  • In the main menu of your seller account, go to "Customers" and "Orders" to export the order overview.
  • You can get to the transfer overview by clicking on the "Transfers" tab in the order overview or in the main menu of your seller account via "Payments" and "Transfers."


  • Click on the "CSV" button to export the order or transfer overview in this format. You can find detailed instructions in the support article >>Export overviews as CSV.

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