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Creating & sending push notifications for the premium app

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Do you want to send custom push notifications to your customers in your app? Then in this help article we will show you how to create notifications and even send them on a time-controlled basis.


wichtig.png Important

In order to be able to send push notifications via your app, you need a >>Firebase account!


ueberblick.png Overview

Create a push notification

Title, content & preview 

Set the date & time

Content settings

Link an online course lesson

Edit & send push notifications


schritte_guide.png Step-by-Step Guide

Create a push notification

  • In the main menu of your seller account, go to "Your app."
  • Select the tab "Notifications" tab.


  • Click on "Create" in the upper right corner.


Title, content & preview 

  • Enter the title and content of your notification under "Push notification preview."
  • On the right you can see the preview of your message for iOS on the smartphone lock screen.


  • For the Android preview, just switch tabs.


hinweis.png Please note

The title can contain a maximum of 40 characters and the content can contain a maximum of 178 characters. Longer messages are abbreviated with "..."

Set the date & time

  • Click the toggle to set a date and time for sending your notification (optional).


  • If you have set a transmission time, click after the >>Content settings on the bottom right on "Save" and in the window that opens on "Close."


  • The currently set transmission time is displayed in the overview.


Hinweis.png Please note

You can override or change the date and time settings at any time. To do this, simply edit the notification by clicking on the pencil icon in the options.

Content settings

Add your own content

  • Leave "Add your own content" selected to further customize your notification using the text editor and HTML code. 
  • You can access the code view via the options button.


  • On the right you can see the preview of your opened push message for iOS and Android.


hinweis.png Please note

Depending on the display size of the mobile device or the HTML code used, the preview may differ from the original.

Link an online course lesson

  • Select "Link to Online Course Lesson" if you want to direct your customers to an online course lesson by clicking on the message.


  • Click on "Select lesson."


  • First select your course and then the lesson you want your push message to lead to.
  • Click on "Select."
  • Now you can save your message as a draft or send it directly.


  • When you send the push message, you will be asked to confirm the action. Click on "Send" here.


  • You will be taken back to the push notifications overview.

Edit & send push notifications

  • In the main menu of your seller account, go to "Your app."
  • Select the "Notifications" tab to get to the push notifications overview.


  • Each entry contains the following information:
    • ID
    • Title
    • Preview
    • Type
    • Total sent
    • Created
    • Status
  • Here you can also perform the following actions
    • send a draft


    • resend a notification that has already been sent


    • Edit and delete duplicate notifications via the Options menu


  • By entering in the search field or the filter function (by creation date) you can search your notification overview for specific entries.


Hinweis.png Please note

You can send a limited number of push messages within 24 hours. If you try to send another message, a window will open with the countdown until the next possible time for sending your message.


  • The "Back to overview" button takes you back to the list of your push notifications.


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