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Standard shop theme

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In the >>Essential or Advanced plan you can set up your shop in minutes. Because the focus here is not on the design, but on your products. If you are just starting out as an online entrepreneur, our professional standard shop theme is the ideal and, above all, cost-sensitive solution for launching your digital business.

Do you want more? Customize your shop and product pages with our Pro 3.0 or Premium 3.0 package and use our professional design templates to match your online business. You can find support in setting up your elopage pages in >>Custom shop theme and >>Custom product pages in the shop theme


Create & edit standard theme

Header & Menu

Banner & Title

Shop & Product page in search engines



Advanced settings

Activate Shop Theme

Preview of the shop theme


Step-by-step guide

Create & edit standard theme

  • In the main menu of your seller account, go to "Pages" and "Shop Themes."
  • Click on "Create" if you want to set up a new standard theme.
  • Alternatively, you can simply edit the preset standard theme.


  • You get to the settings of your shop theme.
  • Name your theme.


Header & Menu

  • Click on the pencil symbol on the right under "Header". The "Header & Menu" window opens.
  • Click here on one of the upload symbols to upload the image file with your logo.

If you would like us to use the image from your profile as a logo, do not upload a file here.


  • You can change the color of the "My Account" and "Language Switcher" header elements.


  • If you want to display the share button, click on the slider "Show options for sharing." By clicking on the button, your visitors can share your shop link on their social media channels.


  • Activate the slider "Website & other platforms" to store the URL to your website and your social media channels and to adjust the color of the buttons.



For the buttons it is advisable to keep the preset uniform color or to choose a color that matches the blue of the menu items "My Account" and "DE" or "EN".

  • Then click on "Save."
  • Under "Header" you can see the preview of your header menu with your logo and username.


  • If you don't want to use a header, check the box next to "Hide" by clicking on the checkbox.


Banner & Title

Main Area

  • Click on the pencil symbol on the right under "Pages" and "Main area". The settings of your shop page will open.
  • Click on one of the upload symbols to provide an image in landscape format as a banner for your shop.


  • You will then see the preview of your banner.
  • Now enter your shop title under "Description" and format it with the >>Text editor.


  • You can delete the banner again by clicking on the trash can symbol.


  • Finally click on "Save".

Product page

If you want to customize your product page, book our Pro or Premium package. You can find more about your product page design in >>Custom product pages in the shop theme


The footer of your shop is already configured and in the standard theme always contains the text links to:

  • Terms and Conditions
  • Privacy
  • Press


Info.png Info

The favicon is the small picture that is displayed in front of your shop name in the browser tab.


  • Remove the tick by clicking on the checkbox if you want to display a favicon.
  • Click on one of the upload symbols, for example to save your logo as a favicon.


  • After the upload you will see your favicon as a preview.
  • Remove the tick next to "Hide" by clicking on the checkbox. Check the box again if you want to hide the favicon.


Advanced settings

  • Check the box next to "Invisible to search engines" if your shop should not (yet) be found using a browser search.


Activate Shop Theme

  • Click on "Back to overview".


  • Mark your shop theme with the blue star.


Preview of the shop theme

  • In the "Shop Themes" overview, click on the link under "Preview" next to your theme.


  • It will open the preview of your online store with the preset cookie banner and different >> product categories.



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