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I haven't received a cash-out yet

Neda Najjari
Neda Najjari
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Are you a publisher, team member or elopage affiliate and have not yet received a cash-out?

Provided that:

a) Your profile is complete

b) Your bank account has been provided

c) The cash-out has not been paused and

d) Your cash-out amount (gross or net depending on tax liability) is above the minimum amount

cash-outs take place automatically on 15th of the following month.


"Settings" and "Profile" - checking your profile and cash-out account

A) Check profile

Check whether the profile data record that you have provided below the respective account type is displayed as incomplete.

Most importantly, please check whether you have entered the correct setting for the question about VAT liability, because this is important for ensuring that the cash-out is correct.


1. Incomplete profile

In this case, please fill out all mandatory fields and save the change. 

2. Incorrect profile provided for the account type

If you have several profile data records and the incomplete data record has been provided for the account type, please select the correct data record.


B) Check the cash-out account

If you have not yet provided a cash-out account or if it is not activated for the account type, please change this.


C) Paused setting activated?

If you have paused the cash-out for the account type, please uncheck the box and save the change.


D) Minimum cash-out amount reached?

If all settings are correct or if they were correct on the last cash-out date and you still have not received a cash-out, please check in the transfer overview whether the minimum cash-out amount has been reached.

Please note that the amount specified under "Payments" is only the cash-out amount if you receive the amount including VAT.

Have you now adjusted everything correctly and has the minimum amount been reached?

Have you now adjusted everything correctly and has the minimum cash-out amount been reached? If this is the case, you will be included on the next cash-out date as long as the settings are still identical on the key date.

The credit memo will then be issued on the 15th of the next month and the amount will be transferred 1-2 bank working days later.

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