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Apple Pay & Google Pay with Stripe

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Would you like to offer payment with Apple Pay and Google Pay? Then just connect your >>Stripe account with elopage and activate these payment methods for your customers.




ueberblick.png Overview

Activate Apple Pay & Google Pay

Add Apple Pay & Google Pay

Subscriptions, trial period & refunds


Activate Apple Pay & Google Pay

hinweis.png Please note

First activate Apple Pay and Google Pay in your Stripe account. You can then activate these payment methods in your elopage account.

  • In the main menu of your seller account, go to "Settings" and "Payment Methods."
  • Activate Apple and/or Google Pay under "Stripe" by clicking on the checkbox.


Add Apple Pay & Google Pay

hinweis.png Please note

Apple Pay and Google Pay are not included in the pricing plan by default. If you want to offer these payment methods, please add them to the pricing plan.

  • Create a new pricing plan or edit an existing >>pricing plan.
  • Open the drop-down list and add the payment methods Apple Pay and/or Google Pay.


  • To remove the payment methods, simply click on the "x."


Subscriptions, trial period & refunds

  • The installments of a subscription paid with Apple Pay or Google Pay are automatically collected.
  • Subscriptions with a trial period can currently not be paid for via Apple Pay or Google Pay.
  • Payments with Apple Pay or Google Pay can be reimbursed in the seller account. We show you how to make refunds in your account in >>Refund payments & installments.

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