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Creating order bumps & bundles

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hinweis.png Would you like to suggest other products on your checkout page? Then our order bumps and bundles are just the thing! Create additional or alternative offers in attractive designs and thus increase your sales figures. In this help article, we will show you how to create templates for your order bumps and bundles and how to integrate these smart upselling features into your payment process.


ueberblick.png Overview

Order bump or bundle?

Set up order bump

Create a template

Set up a bundle

Add & edit upsell products

Activate an order bump or bundle

Order bumps & bundles on the checkout page

More about order bumps & bundles


Order bumps or bundles?

Order bumps offer your customers the possibility of multiple selection of additional products on the checkout page.

Bundles, on the other hand, offer an alternative to the main product. Therefore, only one of the given purchase options can be selected here.


schritte_guide.png Step-by-Step Guide

Set up an order bump

  • >>Create or >>edit your product.
  • Select the "Order Bump" type in the "Upselling" tab.


hinweis.png Info

If you have given your order bump a name, it will be displayed on the checkout page above the order bump.

  • By clicking on the checkbox you determine that the order bump is an additional offer, i.e. the purchase of the main product is required.


  • By clicking on the other checkbox, you determine that the settings for the main product (minimum term, cancellation terms, etc.) also apply to your upsell products.

hinweis.png Please note

If you do not activate the settings of the main product, the settings of the first order bump apply to all subsequent ones.


  • Click on "Select product."


  • Click on "Select product."


  • Select a product.


  • By clicking on the switcher, you can create or select a specific pricing plan for the previously selected upsell product.

info.png Info

If you do not provide a specific pricing plan, the original pricing plan of the selected product applies. If you have checked the box "Use settings of main product," the settings for the type of payment (e.g. one time payment, subscription) as well as the price from the original or specific pricing plan are retained.


Create a template

  • Click on "Create template."
  • Name the template and choose the layout (e.g. "Rich," if you want to insert another image). 

hinweis.png Please note

The "Bundled" layout corresponds to the look of a bundle. The functionality of the order bump (i.e. multiple selection) is retained.


Select template

  • If you have already created templates for order bumps or bundles, you can apply one of them by clicking on "Select template."


info.png Info

Your templates are stored in "Templates" and "Order Bumps." Here you can create templates for your order bumps and bundles by clicking on the "Create button" and select them later when creating or editing the product.


How often you have applied a template is indicated by the number in the "Applied" column. Click on the "number" to go directly to the products in which you have used the template.


  • Finally click on "Save."

Set up a bundle

  • First create your >>bundle.
  • >>Create or >>edit the main product.
  • Instead of "Order Bumps," choose the "Bundle View."


  • Click on "Select product" and add your bundle product.
  • If necessary, choose a specific pricing plan and create or choose the design template for your bundle as described >>above.

Add & edit upsell products

  • In the "Upselling" tab, click on "Select product" again if you want to add more order bumps or bundles.
  • You can change the order of the products on the checkout page using drag and drop.


  • By clicking on the "options" you can edit or remove order bumps or bundles.


Activate order bumps or bundles

  • Click on the "switcher" to activate your order bumps or bundles.


Order bumps & bundles on the checkout page

  • Go to the >>product links of the main product and click the "checkout page link".


  • The checkout page opens from the customer view.

Order bump with multiple selection (main product optional)


Bundle as an alternative to the main product


hinweis.png Please note

If you only use standard emails for your main product and all your upsell products, we will send a purchase confirmation email with a list of all products that have been ordered.

If you use >>custom purchase confirmation emails for the delivery of your products or if your confirmation emails contain important information (e.g. webinar or calendar link), activate the individual sending of the emails by clicking on the "Send all purchase confirmation emails" checkbox. You can combine products with custom and standard emails. Only the purchase confirmation emails are sent separately.


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