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Group pricing plans of bundles

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Would you like to sell products with different VAT rates in one bundle? Then here you'll find out how to summarize the pricing plans on the >>checkout page, optimizing the buying experience of your customers.

info.png Info

If you want to set up a bundle without grouping the pricing plans, the sales tax rates must be the same. This means that you can combine a digital product with an online course, but not with an eBook. The product type >>Bundle is always at 19% taxed.


ueberblick.png Overview

Create upsell products & pricing plans

Set up order bumps as a bundle 

More about order bumps & bundles


schritte_guide.png Step-by-step guide

Create upsell products & pricing plans

  • Create the products that your bundle should contain.


  • Select the previously created pricing plans for the respective product in the "Checkout page" tab or create them here by clicking on "New plan."

hinweis.png Please note

The number and type of pricing plans (e.g. one-off payment, installment payment) must be identical for the upsell product of the bundle!


bundle_zahlungsplaene_1.png bundle_zahlungsplaene_2.png

Set up order bumps as a bundle 

  • Go to the "Upsell" tab in the main product or the product that should be in the first position on the checkout page.
  • Click on >>Order bumps and add your upsell products.


  • Check the box next to "Main product required" and "Group pricing plans."


  • Select the "Listed" design template.


  • Repeat these steps to add more order bumps.
  • Select the "Required" option for each order bump.


  • Activate upselling by clicking on the toggle switch.


  • Save the settings.


  • To preview your checkout page, click the preview icon.



usecase.png Use case

Bundle without selection options with coaching as the main product as well as an online course and an eBook as upsell. Each product is assigned 3 pricing plans of the same type (i.e. one-time payment, installment payment with 3 installments and installment payment with 6 installments). The amounts are totaled and by clicking on "Show details" your customers will receive more information on the VAT for the individual products.




More about order bumps & bundles

Create order bumps & bundles

Customize the template for order bumps

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