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Live stream event: chat feature

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tipp.pngDo you want to use or disable chat during your live stream event? Then we will show you in this support article how you can activate or deactivate the chat.


voraussetzung.png Prerequisite


ueberblick.png Overview

Activating or deactivating chat

Maintaining chat during the live stream event

Tracking chat history

Chat feature from the end customer perspective


schritte_guide.png Step-by-step guide

Activating or deactivating chat:

To enable chat for your event, go to

  • Marketing
  • Live stream event


  • click on "Edit" for the desired event.



Below you can tick the "Live Chat" checkbox:

  • Enable chat: Check
  • Disable chat: Uncheck


Maintaining chat during the live stream event:

The "Stream Settings" button opens a pop-up window with a list of all offers as well as the live chat.

  • Open Settings.
  • Enter a nickname of your choice.
  • Write messages and send them using the blue button.



info.png Info

Tracking chat history:

Seller: After the end of the live stream event, the entire chat history disappears. The chat history of end customers who leave the event in the middle of it disappears immediately upon leaving.

End customers/viewers: After the end of the live stream event, the entire chat history disappears. This is also the case if end customers leave the event in the middle of it and join again.

Chat feature from the end customer perspective:

Opening or closing chat: End customers can open and close the chat window in their view with a click.


Nickname: End customers must first create a nickname to use the chat.


"latest message" feature: End customers can click back to the most recent message when scrolling through the chat.

Links: Links inserted in the chat area can be clicked on by the user to redirect them to the new page by first switching to picture-in-picture mode.

info.png In the chat, messages can be sent from the desktop computer easily using the "Enter" key. Messages sent in chat are immediately visible in the live stream. 



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