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Why is my new installment suddenly no longer being debited via my credit card?

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You have purchased a product / a service through a subscription or installment payment and pay the installments by credit card. So far, the installments have been debited automatically. Now you receive an email that the payment has failed and you will have access to your course / membership locked.

Possible causes

For each payment, your credit card provider decides whether it will be approved. There are various reasons why a payment is suddenly denied. Your credit card provider can provide you with details.


  • Too many payments in 24 hours
  • Prepaid card - not enough credit
  • They have entered a new country block
  • Your credit card provider suddenly requires 3D Secure authentication via the secure code for this rate. You can only enter the code yourself, so that the automatic debit fails. 
    Normally, the 3D Secure authentication is necessary for the first installment. After that the subsequent installments are set by our banking partner in such a way that they are marked as subsequent debits, so that the 3D Secure authentication is not required.
    For security reasons, however, your credit card provider can still ask you to enter the 3D Secure code for an installment at any time.

Pay new installment

As soon as a credit card payment fails, we can no longer debit it automatically, since the so-called token (the key for the debit) is no longer valid. Therefore, you cannot simply pay via "Pay a new installment."

  • Please go to your payment manage page (link is available in the email or in your account when ordering on the right under actions)
  • Click on "Change payment method"
  • Select credit card again and enter your details
  • If your credit card provider requests 3DS authentication again, enter the secure code.

Once your credit card provider has confirmed the payment, your access will be reactivated and the next debits will run automatically again until another payment fails.

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