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Hosting live shopping

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Would you like to create a live stream event and offer your products and exchange ideas with customers directly in the chat? And

  • independent of social media platforms
  • GDPR-compliant
  • in the browser and on the smartphone
  • so that your live stream video continues during the purchase?

With live stream through us, customers can also participate who do not have a social media account. If you stream via social media, customers must agree to the terms of use of the social media platform and, as a rule, there is extensive tracking and the data is passed on to many partners.

You can learn how to create a live stream event and what you need to do in the following help articles.




Examples of using live shopping:

  • Live product launch
  • Lead generation webinar
  • "Teleshopping"
  • Live podcasts
  • Webinars and tutorials
  • Question & answer sessions via chat


  • The "Live Shopping" feature is included in your package.
  • To stream, you need an external streaming tool like OBS (free) or Zoom Pro. This is where you store the data for the streaming. The stream of your video will then be sent to our streaming partner Amazon and displayed on your streaming page.

Your team members can also create or oversee live stream events! Simply enter the corresponding >>user roles.



There are corresponding costs per minute of streaming.
You can find this under "My plan" and on the next 1st in the respective invoice.

Sales success tracking

In another update, you can also see the use of the respective event and the sales success in the analysis dashboard.

Integration of team members

If you added your >>team members and assigned the corresponding rights, your colleagues can also create and oversee the live event.

Start and end date

The live stream event page will be published immediately after the event is created, so you can forward it to your customers.

The specified date and time serve as information for your customers and do not affect the live stream. You can theoretically start your live stream event beforehand and end it at a later point in time.


Step-by-step guide


  1. Create your live stream event and assign products
    that you want to offer in the live stream.
  2. If necessary, create coupon codes for special prices in the context of the live stream beforehand.
    It is best to limit the coupon code so that it can only be used in the live stream or for a certain amount of time afterwards.
  3. If necessary, activate the chat for the live stream.
    This is only active when the live stream starts

Shortly before / during the event

1. Transfer the streaming data to your streaming tool.
You can find the data for the event:


2. Publish the product just before you want it to appear in the event.

3. Take care of your customers in chat (if enabled).

You can find various instructions on how to do this in the other help articles.

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