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Live shopping costs & billing

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tipp.png Would you like to use live shopping and would like to know what costs are incurred and how they are billed? Then you will find all the information you need in this support article.


ueberblick.png Overview

Including minutes

Consumption of inclusive & bonus minutes


Bonus minutes

Billing bonus minutes


info.png Info

Including minutes

The amount of the monthly quota of minutes depends on the plan you have booked. This contingent is available to you every month. Remaining minutes cannot be accepted. 

  • elopage Essential 2.0: 30 minutes / month

  • elopage Advanced: 1,200 minutes / month

  • elopage Professional: 4,800 minutes / month

  • elopage Premium: 15,000 minutes / month

  • elopage black pro 21: 4,800 minutes / month

  • elopage black premium 21: 40,000 minutes / month

Once you have used up your quota, you can continue streaming. So your stream will not be interrupted. You are in a pay-as-you-go model. Each additional watched minute is then charged with one cent. 


Consumption of included & bonus minutes

The minutes refer to the total watched minutes of your stream across all your viewers.

Example: 10-minute live stream with 6 viewers -> 6 x 10 mins = 60 minutes will be charged. 



As soon as your free minutes have been used up, streaming costs of €0.01 per minute of watch time apply. 

Example: 10-minute live stream with 6 viewers -> 6 x 10 mins = 60 minutes

-> 60 mins x €0.01 = €0.60 will be charged. 


Bonus minutes

Have you secured the bonus minutes? In this case you will receive an email with all the information from us. Bonus minutes are one-time minutes that are available to you within a year. These are only used up when your monthly included minute quota is exceeded. 

Example: Your package includes 100 minutes. In addition, you have 500 bonus minutes. In April you use up 150 minutes for your live events. Your monthly quota of 100 minutes will be completely used up. In addition, 50 minutes of your bonus minutes are used.
In May you will have 100 included minutes again. In addition, you have 450 bonus minutes at your disposal. 

Billing bonus minutes

Your bonus minutes are counted in amounts, not minutes.

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