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Notes on invoices from elopage

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tip.pngIn this article you will find important information about your monthly invoices from elopage.


Invoices from June 1st, 2020

From June 1st, 2020 you will only find one invoice with all costs for your seller account under "My Plan."

If you are in the reseller model, your invoice only includes the costs for the packages and apps booked. This we book for 1st of the next month of the  payment method stored under "My Plan."

If you sell in your own name, we will either offset the costs

  • with your earnings, provided you have enough money in your elopage account or
  • deduct the amount of the invoice from the payment method stored under "My Plan."

The quickest way to see how much money you still have in your elopage account is under "Billing & Reports" / "Cashout."

Invoices until May 1st, 2020

Until May 1st, 2020 you will find two separate invoices under "My Plan."

1) elopage payment processing - monthly compilation of the transfer fees already billed (including publisher and joint venture commissions) for incoming payments via the payment methods of prepayment, Sofort and credit card (only for sellers in their own name).

This invoice bears the note "paid" because we have already deducted the costs upon receipt of payment.

2) PayPal & App usage - Monthly summary of costs for

  • the use of elopage (booked packages and apps) and the
  • transfer costs for PayPal payments (including publisher and joint venture commissions).

    For payments going to your PayPal account, the full amount goes to your PayPal account. Therefore, the transfer fees and commissions (for your publishers or joint venture partners) are billed in the monthly statement.


Under "My plan" you will find both your invoices and the "payment receipt" that shows you what the costs are made up of.
Invoice paid from the credit (invoice for 1) 

Each sale will incur transaction-related costs such as

  • Service fees
  • Transfer fees
  • Cancellation fees in case of cancellation
  • The publisher commission
  • Commission for joint venture partners

These are automatically deducted from all earnings that go to your elopage deposit account (i.e. all payments that do not go directly to your PayPal account).

For all these costs you will receive an "invoice" which contains the note "Paid" at the bottom. So you can take these costs into account in your accounting / tax return.

Invoice to be paid

The invoice contains the costs that have not yet been automatically deducted and for which payment is due now (i.e. at the same time as the invoice setup).

That's the cost of 

  • the booked plan
  • any additionally booked apps
  • the transfer-related costs (see above) for sales via PayPal
  • chargeback fees.

Why separate treatment for PayPal payments?
100% of the PayPal payments go to your PayPal account.

Therefore we provide you with the fees or the commissions for your publishers / joint venture partner billed retrospectively on the 1st of a month.

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