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What does the status "paused" mean?

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tip.png The status paused in the course and membership accesses is system controlled and means that a customer currently no longer has access, regardless of the reason. It can be an outstanding payment, a chargeback or a regular cancellation. Therefore, access has been temporarily blocked. Only once the payment has been successfully received will your participant regain access to the online course or membership. Access is still set to progressing, as this status only changes when you as a seller>>block or end access.


Release access in case of outstanding payment

Ask your customer to settle the outstanding payment through their payment manage page. The customer can find the link to the payment manage page in his buyer account in "Payments" and "Orders" by clicking on the blue options button.


note.png Please note

If your customer paid in advance, it is possible that the payment could not be assigned automatically (e.g. due to an incorrect intended purpose). In this case, please consult >>Advance payment not received.

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