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Use case: Different ideas for upsells

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You can offer your customers additional products for sale in various places, during the purchase process or afterwards if they are logged into the payer account and use your products without them being in your newsletter.

Do you already know all the variants? We present some ideas to you here.

Make upsell offers directly in the purchase process

If a customer is currently in the purchase process, he/she may also be interested in other suitable products. For this purpose, we offer the features of the funnel and the order bump.

You can activate both in the "Upsells" tab for the respective product.

You can define the design yourself in a template and use it again and again.

Order bump: Make upsell offers on the checkout page before completing the purchase

With the order bump, you offer your customers additional products or products for sale on the checkout page, which can be purchased

  • as an alternative to the selected product or
  • as an add-on.

You can design the display of the additional products from simple to flashing and eye-catching - according to your taste.


More at: -> Creating order bumps

Funnel: Make offers after completing the first purchase

In the funnel, the purchase of the selected product is completed first. After the purchase, you can make your customers another purchase offer on a page you designed. Depending on what is selected (purchase or rejection), you can display another offer. 

You can also offer special prices (especially discounts) in the funnel that are not otherwise available on your shop page and also for products that you do not offer on your shop page itself.

You build up your own flow or tree in the funnel through which your customers are guided. 



You can analyze the different funnels and steps in the funnel to determine whether your customers bought or bounced and then improve your funnel.




  • All funnel purchases are made using the same payment method as the purchase of the main product, which the customer bought first. If your customer purchases via SEPA direct debit or credit card, the payment data does not have to be entered again.
  • You can also specify that products that your customer already has are no longer displayed in the funnel.

Read more: -> Creating a funnel

Upsell offers after the purchase process for existing customers

Are your customers already using an online course from you or a membership? Then you can also advertise other products in the product itself or in the membership theme without your customers having to have ordered your newsletter.

In the online course

  • Use an online course page for additional offers and store, for example, the product image there and link there or via a button to the product or checkout page.

  • Or use the Popular Products block to offer more products in the content area.


  • For existing customers who should get the product cheaper than via your shop page, you can also create a link with a coupon code via the marketing tools and link it on the image / button for the product.



In an event email

For courses, you can use 2 types of event mails: the drip-in email and the one for a completed page.

Here you can also point out other exciting products, e.g. when the last page has been completed or in a drip-in email when you bring out a new offer for your customers.

In the membership

  • In the membership itself you can store taster courses where only a few pages are unlocked. Then offer the purchase of the complete course in the trial course.
  • Or create an online course that is included in the membership for free and in which you lead through other products via video and introduce them and then link to these products. Then extend this course as you offer more products.

In the membership theme

You can also advertise other products in the membership theme by entering the block "Popular products" and providing the products that are to be offered for sale.
Note: Which products are displayed is identical for all customers. Products that the customer already has (purchased separately or via the membership) are not hidden here.

This is then like a shop page that is called up by logged-in users.


If you put the asterisk at the front of the theme, it is considered a "customer area," i.e. the theme is displayed to all customers who call up your products when logged in, even if they have not yet purchased a membership.

Let us know if you liked these use cases and they helped you, and which is your most successful use case or you have any other tips!

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