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Use case: Selling full access to all course pages

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Your course

  • You offer a self-study course with drip-in so that the pages are unlocked step by step (i.e. with drip-in).

Your customer

  • Individual customers want to have immediate access to all pages and not wait for the individual pages to be unlocked.

use_case_example.png Ingredients 

  • Existing online course with drip-in of the pages to which the customer already has access
  • Digital product for the sale of the renewal

step_guide.png Step-by-step instructions

You sell full access via a separate digital product


schritt.png Step 1: Create a digital product for the sale of immediate activation

First of all, you need a product through which your customer can buy the immediate activation. After payment, you turn off the drip-in of the pages and your customer already gets access to all pages (provided, of course, that the customer has access to the course).

  • For example, create a digital product called "Instant Access to All Course Pages." If you have several courses, you can either include the name of the course in the product or query the name as a custom field on the checkout page.
  • Provide the appropriate payment methods in the pricing plan. With some payment methods, you will not receive the payment immediately with the order, so the text of your purchase confirmation email will only go out later when the payment is there (such as purchase on account, SEPA and PayPal without setting instant access).
  • Go to the "Delivery" step and use the custom purchase confirmation email. Write a nice text there that congratulates the customers on the purchase and inform them about the further processing.
  • If necessary, also adjust the thank you page for the digital product so that your customer can see how to proceed immediately after the purchase. 
  • If the digital product is not to appear on the shop page for immediate access, set it to "Private" in the "More" tab. This makes sense, since a purchase without having the price itself makes little sense. Thus, the renewal can then only be called up via the link that you provide on your pages or send by email.

  • Save and publish your product.

schritt.png Step 2 (optional): Promote the possibility of immediate access in the course

Now your customers just have to know about this possibility. Here are a few ideas on how you can implement this in the product or in the course itself.

  • Enter an "Instant access to all lessons" page in your course 
  • Select the block "Popular products" in the pagebuilder and provide the digital product under "Included products" and set it under "Action button" so that the checkout page is called up when you click.

Customers who want to progress faster can already buy it.

schritt.png Step 3: Unlock instant access to the course

Once the product has been paid for instant access, you can now activate full access to all pages for the corresponding online course.

The instructions can be found here.

>>full access to all course pages


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