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Receiving bank transfers with elopageCONNECT - Overview

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As a user of elopage CONNECT, you can now also activate the payment method prepayment via the function "Virtual IBAN" short VIBAN.

You can decide which country code your virtual IBANs will have. Currently Stripe (payment provider for elopage CONNECT) only offers the following country codes. However, Stripe is still expanding the functions for this.

  • Germany
  • France
  • The Netherlands
  • Spain
  • Ireland

We recommend all providers who still use prepayment via elopage LITE or elopage PLUS to switch, because this new function offered by Stripe (payment provider for elopage CONNECT) brings various advantages for you and your customers.


A separate virtual IBAN is created for each order. This then applies to all payments for this order, which has the following advantages:

  • As soon as a customer makes a payment to this IBAN, the amount is automatically assigned- whatever is in the reason for payment - as soon as the amount matches the installment.

    For the other two payment providers, the reason for payment (and amount) had to be 100% correct for the amount to be allocated. If not, the assignment could only be made on the basis of a proof of payment from your customer, which delayed the product delivery and created a lot of work for you, your customers and also for us.

  • It happens time and again that customers pay too little or, especially in the case of larger transfers, payments are split because the transfer limit for a payment is not sufficient.

    In that case we will show you the payments in the account where too little was paid. You can then contact
    - your customer and ask for additional payment (or in the case of presumably split payments, wait a day or two to see if the rest has been paid in arrears). Once the balance is received, both payments will be combined into one and automatically assigned.
    - adjust the amount of the installment for one-time and installment payments (currently not possible for subscriptions) so that the payment is automatically assigned
    - refund the amount if your customer does not pay the difference.

  • You can now pay back transfers with the click of a button. This way you have the repayment date in your own hands and do not need to submit IBAN proof to us as before so that we initiate the repayment. 

  • If a customer pays too much, the exact amount is automatically assigned to the open payment. The difference is then virtually assigned to the next open installment or - if there is no open installment - assigned internally at Stripe to your deposit account at Stripe, but automatically transferred back after some time.

Please note:

  • If customers overpay or pay amounts that do not belong to an order, Stripe does not currently provide an interface so we cannot display the payments in your account. However, we see these in our Stripe account and can inform you and initiate the refund according to the order from you.

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