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Use case: Creating a waiting list

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Your product and your customers

You have a product that goes on sale later or where all spots are already fully booked, e.g. 

    • a guided online course that only goes online twice a year, or
    • a seminar abroad, for which you would like to determine the number of interested parties well in advance
    • a coaching, which you regularly offer for a small group of participants
    • an event with limited spots where you want to reassign canceled spots

You may have a loyal customer base who is already waiting for the new course to start / the new offer to be bookable and who would like to receive more information about the offer in advance and would like to register for it.

Then we'll give you some inspiration about waiting lists.

use_case_example.png Ingredients 

  • App >>Customization for your landing page or your own website with external landing page
  • Finished or planned product for elopage
  • Digital product for the waiting list
  • a shop theme with a landing page for the waiting list

step_guide.png Step-by-step instructions

You now need a free product with us, which you call a waiting list, in which customers can enroll.
If you have your own website and an email marketing tool that offers a registration form, you can also do this outside elopage. Here we describe how the process can work through us.

schritt.png Step 1: Create a waiting list product

  • Create a digital product for the waiting list


  • Describe exactly what the waiting list is about and describe the product for which the customers would like to be placed on the waiting list.
  • Set it to free and describe that the entry in the waiting list is non-binding and serves to inform the interested parties as soon as the product is ready.
  • Use the individual purchase confirmation email and adjust it so that in the subject and in the text there is nothing about the purchase of a product, but rather about the entry in the waiting list.

schritt.png Step 2: Connect the digital product to your email marketing tool

schritt.png Step 3: Create a custom field for your newsletter (optional)

  • If you also have a newsletter that provides information about other products and news, create a custom field with a connection to your email marketing tool. -> Newsletter opt-in on the checkout page
  • Activate the double opt-in in your email marketing tool so that you can send the newsletter.

schritt.png Step 4: Create the landing page for the product/waiting list

Variant 1: Landing page in your elopage shop

  • Go to "Pages" / "Shop Themes" and go to the relevant shop theme
  • Create a subpage as a landing page and describe the actual product via the different blocks. Since your product is not yet ready for sale and does not have a so-called sales release, you cannot integrate it via the block "Products" or "Popular Products," but you create all texts and images for the product here.

    Then include the digital product for the waiting list via the block "Popular products" and adjust the text for the "Buy button" for free products.


  • Optional: Create a pop-up via the Conversion Tools block with the link to the waiting list, i.e. to your special landing page, here "coming soon."


schritt.pngStep 4: Create the template for the checkout page

Create checkout page template

  • Create a template for the checkout page and name the button for free products e.g. "Add to waiting list."
  • Store this in the digital product for the waiting list in the tab "Checkout page."

It will look like this for your customers.


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