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Subsequent conversion from selling in your own name to the reseller model

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If you sell in your own name and already have ongoing sales, especially subscription and installment payments, please pay attention to our instructions.

Schedule and prepare for the conversion

As soon as your account is converted to the reseller model, your products will lose the sales release. Therefore, you should plan the timing well and not be in the launch.

Examination and preparation

  • Check whether you have stored your own >>revocation text for your products. This can no longer be applied after the conversion and falls back on the standard right of withdrawal that is deposited with the product.
  • Check if you've appplied >>custom tax tables. These are no longer applied to new purchases after the conversion and fall back to the default tax settings.
  • Be prepared to have a security withhold of 15 to 30 days for cashouts. You can no longer make independent cashouts of all receipts that are at least 7 days old.
  • Have the records described here ready for the legitimation of your account: Step 1: Request the conversion of the account to the reseller model and send them directly after applying for the conversion. Your account will be converted immediately and all paid products will lose the sales release.
  • If you already have a lot of products on offer, coordinate the conversion and the timing in advance with your account manager. 

After the conversion

  • Apply for sales approval for your products immediately after the conversion (unless your account manager can provide you with the status "Trusted Seller" based on the previous business relationship and sales).
  • If you have stored your own tax tables and revocation texts, please check which standard templates you would like to provide for the product.


For waiting payments by SEPA direct debit and bank transfer

These payments will continue to be made in your name and the payments will continue to be made to the corresponding custody accounts or your PayPal account.

For ongoing installment payments

Current installment payments continue to run in your name and the payments go as before to the corresponding custody accounts or your PayPal account, because the invoice is and remains in your name.

For ongoing subscription payments

In the case of ongoing subscription payments, your customers must take action. Here it is important that you write to all customers with current subscription payments and ask them to go to their payment manage page for the next payment, click on Change payment method, choose their payment method (possibly the same as before) and enter their data (credit card, IBAN, etc.) again.

As a result, the current order is converted so that the payments go to the reseller. If this does not happen and these are automatic debits via credit card, PayPal, Apple or GooglePay or SEPA, the so-called token or the SEPA direct debit mandate is only valid for your account, but not for the reseller. 

Thus, these run on an error and your customer receives the notification about the failed debit attempt and on receipts this is blocked.

To avoid this, please prepare for it and see how you can send an email to your customers with their custom payment management link.

Payout from the account when selling in your own name

In the dashboard itself, you will no longer find the link to activate the payout for the payouts, but the payout area for the reseller model.

However, the following links will take you to the area and you can pay out the earnings from the sale in your own name:

Cashout >>

Reports >>

Invoices >>

Credit memos >>

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