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FAQ: Where can I disable/customize the table of contents for my course?

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Q: Where can I disable or customize the table of contents for my course?

I have an online course and would like to

  • disable the table of contents on the product page
  • adjust the fonts and colors to display the table of contents.

Where can I find it?


A: You can adjust this in the shop theme at the "Product Page"

You can make the setting in the shop theme if you have the app customization. If you don't have this, it's not possible.

  • Go to the relevant shop theme used for this online course.
  • Then edit the "Product Page." If you have multiple "product pages" for different products, go to the relevant one.
  • Go to the "Products" block
  • Click "Table of Contents" on the right. Here you can deactivate it or set it as well as font and colors.


Q: Can I influence which chapters or lessons are displayed there?

I don't want all chapters or lessons to appear in the table of contents, as that reveals too much about my course structure. So I want to determine what is displayed there.


A: All published menus and pages are automatically displayed there.

Currently, no custom setting is possible. All menus and pages that you have published are automatically displayed there. And the publication of the pages is important so that your customers in the course also see them.

info.png Tip

You can create your own product page for this product, hide the table of contents there and create a reduced table of contents via the text block itself.

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