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Use Case: Using installment payments with later payment dates

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Here are a few examples of how to use the new feature to specify a fixed date per installment when paying installments.

Please also refer to the notes in this help article for details. Provide custom intervals or dates and prices per installment

Limited event with partial payment at the time of purchase

You are hosting an event for which there are limited seats and which only takes place if you have sold a minimum number of seats.

Your customer makes a partial payment for the event at the time of purchase and pays the remaining amount shortly before the event date.

Then set the 1st installment so that it is due with the purchase and the second installment then to be suitable in time for the event date.

Please note the special features with the instant access for SEPA direct debits and, if necessary, PayPal payments if PayPal first notes your incoming payments.


Yoga Special_Bezahlseite.png

Your Yoga4Christmas event will take place on Dec. 19 and has only 8 seats. The product can be purchased until 09.12. Then you decide whether it takes place or not.
Customers pay a deposit of 15 euros directly when ordering. The balance is due on Dec. 15.

After Dec. 09, you check the number of registrations. If you want to cancel the event, you delete the closing rate for the orders received and pay back the 15 euros.

You could set it that way.


Ratenzahlung_ _Anzahlung_fu_r_Event.png

Pre-sale of an event / membership / online course with several installments and early bird price

You have an event that you want to offer in advance sale at different prices.

With the early bird price, your customers pay the first installment some time after the purchase and the additional installments later.

You can also map this with the feature "Determined date" and the installment payment.

Here is an example:

The event will take place on Dec. 26. You offer an early bird price until Dec. 09 with 2 installments of 150 euros each. The installments are due on Dec. 12 and Dec. 23 - identical for all customers.

Customers who buy afterwards pay a higher price, possibly even as a one-time payment. 

Depending on your needs, you can use different product types such as the eTicket or a digital product or an online course with a start date of Dec. 26, i.e. depending on what exactly you offer.

Here is the checkout page for the early bird price.


Here are the settings of the pricing plan:


In this example, the product (eTicket, online course) is delivered only after successful payment (usually Dec. 12.).

If your product is a membership or an online course, you can also set "Instant access from order date" so that these are delivered immediately and not only after payment of the 1st installment. This makes sense if you provide information in advance in the membership (e.g. via the membership theme or in the online course) to pick up the customers directly and make the booking more binding.

Event with weekly appointments to be paid for on the respective date

You have an event with several fixed dates and your customers should always pay for the appointment on the respective date or shortly before.

This can be an on-site or online event such as coaching, sports courses, joint meditation, mastermind for your business customers.

Then create the dates so that the payment is due on or shortly before the date, e.g. every Monday a new installment is due for the event on Tuesday.

Example: 1. Payment is due directly at the time of order

If you activate "First payment on the day of order," you cannot enter a date for date 1, as this is always the order date.


Example 2: All installments are due on Mondays

All installments are due on a fixed date - here Mondays. The purchase is only possible up to one day before the due date of the 1st installment.


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