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Selling a "bundle" as a membership or order bump

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If you want to sell several products together as a package or "bundle," you can do this in several ways:

  • Via the product type Membership:

    Especially suitable if you want to sell several online courses in a package. Your customers will receive an email after the purchase, with which they can create a payer account, or log in to their existing payer account. Your customers can now access all products included in the membership.

  • Via the function Order Bump in the "Upselling" area under Products > Product > Edit. You have 3 options:
    • as an alternative to a main product, offer a package of several products as an upsell,
    • to supplement a main product, offer other individual products, which can be added additionally to the order, and
    • add other individual products in a binding manner to the main product, so that only all products can be purchased together.

Overview of this article

1. How can I offer multiple products as a bundle with "memberships?"

Do you want to offer a fixed package of products for a common price on your store page or as an upsell? Then you can do this via the membership product type. Here you can add multiple products and change them later. The customers then see the products that are currently stored in the membership in their payer account.

  • Create a new product of the Membership type and add the products you want to offer as a bundle or package

As always, you can decide whether your buyers pay for this membership only once, or whether you want to offer a subscription model or installment payment.

Tip: If you have App Customization, you can optionally display the login area in your own design. Use the membership theme for this purpose.


-> Creating a membership

-> Viewing, blocking & unlocking access to memberships

-> FAQs about membership

-> Membership theme: Creating a main area

2. How can I offer a "bundle" as an upsell?

Would you like to offer your customers different product packages as an alternative to the selected product? 

  • Then create the product packages as a membership and add the membership as an order bump and use the Bundled View setting. For the order bump template used, select the "Bundled" setting.

Here your customers can switch from the main product to one of the product packages. This representation corresponds to that of the previous product type "Bundle."


In order to buy only one of the two products (main product or a package), select "Bundle View" for the Order Bump .


  • Select "Bundled" for the Order Bump Template.
  • Activate the switcher for "Label" and provide the headline for this offer.
  • If you want to display the contained products, click "Show product list."


Note: Since the membership product type is an access area, the same tax table applies here as for online courses.
However, if you want to sell only products with a different tax rate, e.g. only eBooks,

  • create your own tax table with the tax rates for eBooks and provide it with the membership (seller in own name) or
  • tell us your membership so we can add the reseller's tax table for eBooks to the product (reseller model provider).

3. How can I sell multiple products in the package via "order bumps?"

a) with presentation of the individual prices of the upsell products

If you want to sell several products listed individually with their price as a fixed package,

  • select a product as the so-called main product and
  • provide the individual products with their individual prices as an order bump for this product in the "upselling" step and
  • design the template for it.

In the settings you then select "Main product required" and also "required" for the individual products - so all products can then only be purchased as a package.


Here's what that looks like on the checkout page. The actual course (the main product) has a lower price, which is only valid in the package with the four other products.
The four other products have their own price.


b) offer a package of several individual products as an upsell 

If you want to offer a bundle of several products with a single price as an upsell, you can create the bundle as a "Membership" product and insert all the included products.

You then store this product as an order bump and label it as a "bundle" so that your customers see only one price for this product bundle and can then purchase it in addition to the main product.
Here we have added a custom description with the included products and an additional text (blue text).


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