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Managing prepayments with elopage CONNECT (for amount discrepancies)

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Customer pays lower amount

If the transferred amount is less than the displayed amount of the open installment, the payment will be displayed to you under "Orders / Transfer requiring action."


Here you can see the original amount and how much was paid. On the right side of Actions you will get to the order management page and, depending on your decision, you will be able to repay the amount or, in case of installment payments, adjust the installment to the amount paid, depending on what you have agreed with your customer.

If your customer pays the difference, the two payments are automatically combined by the system and the payment is assigned.

Customer pays too much

If, on the other hand, your customer has overpaid, the money will be automatically allocated to the first installment for recurring payments or for the one-time payment

The excess amount will then sit in your deposit account with Stripe.  

One-time payment or payments for which there is no order

Excess amounts for payments for which there is no order will be returned to the customer.

For one-time payments, as long as it was not purchased via purchase on account, you can also adjust the amount and assign the payment as you would for installment payments.

Subscription and installment payment

Once the transfer for the next installment is created by your customer clicking on "Next installment" on the checkout page, the excess amount will be allocated to this transfer, so that only the difference for the next installment has to be paid.


Do you want to allocate the lower rate for an installment payment?

In the example above, all installments are 29 euros. 35 euros were paid. Thus, the 1st installment has been paid and 6 euros are now available for the 2nd installment.
If you want to allocate this, you can easily change the rate to the amount paid and then allocate this.

  • Click on the blue button on the right and then "Manage Order" and when you place your order, click on "Manage Order" in the upper right corner.
    In the order you will see the following display:

  • If the amount is to be allocated, change the installments accordingly, e.g. the 2nd installment to 6 euros and the 3rd to 35 euros if you have agreed that the rest will be paid later.  
    Adjust the rates and click the green checkmark next to the rate on the right. Once you have changed all rates, click "Save" at the bottom so that if the total bill is less, the cancellation credit will be created.

  • Then click on "Allocate."

In the next step you will see to which rate you can allocate the amount.

  • Click there on Allocate.
  • After that, reload the page and click "Manage order" again if you want to see the current status in this overview.

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