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Admission control for tickets with the Business App

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With our QR code reader, you and your team members can scan the QR code on the ticket of the respective customer from the Business App and mark it as redeemed. 

General information

In the standard system, when you scan the QR code, the ticket details are displayed, e.g. whether the ticket is still valid or has already been redeemed. By clicking on "Redeem" you can then mark it as redeemed in the app.

You can also set for yourself and your team members to automatically redeem scanned tickets.

The QR scanner only reads and redeems tickets from your eTickets. If you or your team member accidentally scan a ticket from another seller, nothing happens.

Scan your ticket in the Business App

  • In the Business App, go to the profile icon at the bottom right, then go to Settings and
  • click on the QR code reader icon to start.

    QR code Scanner_aufrufen.png
  • Now scan the QR code on the ticket.

  • If you have set for yourself to automatically mark tickets as redeemed, the status of the ticket will automatically change to "redeemed." You won't see the ticket details in advance.

  • If you have left it at manual redemption (default setting), you will see the ticket details after scanning the ticket and can mark the ticket as redeemed via the "redeemed" button.

Once you mark the ticket as redeemed,

  • the status is automatically synchronized with our servers so that it is displayed to anyone who scans the ticket again later.
  • If you have scanned a ticket, you can see directly which one you have already scanned under "already scanned."

Set whether tickets should be automatically marked as redeemed during scanning

If you want your tickets to be automatically marked as redeemed during scanning, you can do so

a) in the app for yourself and

b) in the browser for your team members in the browser under "Users and Partners."


a) Setting the automatic redemption in the app

So that the tickets are automatically marked as redeemed by you in the app,

  • activate the auto-redemption switch in the QR Settings section
  • Once this is activated, you can redeem

    the tickets in automatic redemption mode.   Screenshot_20230217-112755.png.   Screenshot_20230217-112911.png


Activate automatic redemption for your team members

  • Go to your provider account in your browser and
  • go to Settings > Users and Partners > User Roles and edit the user role.
  • Then activate automatic redemption for the corresponding user role.

Settings for the QR code scanner in the app

Go to the settings area of the QR scanner (profile picture, gear top right / QR scanner) to adjust subsequent settings.

  • Vibration when scanning a ticket
  • Always leave the display on
  • Sound effect when scanning a ticket
  • Automatic redemption of a scanned ticket





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