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elopage Digimember plugin - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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The following overview gives you answers to the most common questions and helps you to make additional adjustments.
If you still have questions, please contact our support.

What is the current version of the elopage Payments plugin?

The elopage Payments plugin is currently available in version 1.0 and can be downloaded here.

Which elopage products can I use to link to Digimember?

Basically, all elopage products can be used with a Digimember product (membership or download product). Basically, it should be noted that the elopage products only act as placeholders for the actual Digimember product.

  • Online courses
    When using online courses, you have the advantage that you can define a separate access duration, which is passed to the Digimember webhook.
    To do this, go to the product page of your online course and navigate to the Access & Duration section. Here you can set a fixed access duration or a lifetime access.mceclip0.png

  • Digital product
    You can use the digital product to link both a membership or download product in Digimember.
    For the digital products, there is no separate access control, as with the online courses. 

  • Download product
    Download products are valid for 48 hours by default. You can adjust these in the product settings under Other according to your wishes. The validity will be transferred accordingly to Digimember and will revoke product access on the corresponding date.
  • Membership
    If you link an elopage membership product to a Digimember membership product, you should bundle the corresponding content in a membership product in Digimember.
    Currently, it is not possible to combine several elopage products into one elopage membership product and to combine the individual products separately with different Digimember products.

Does the elopage product linked to Digimember always have to be a main product?

No, the linked Digimember product can be a main product, order bump or funnel product. Please note that the respective elopage product ID is always stored in the payment provider in Digimember.

Can only one Digimember product be sold in one order?

No, you can trigger any number of Digimember products via a single order, e.g. if both the main product and one or more order bump products are linked to Digimember. In this case, you will see several product orders with the same order number under >> Digimember > Orders.

However, if you want to bundle several Digimember products in a single elopage product, then you have to store a membership product in Digimember, which bundles the different content.

What happens if a customer buys my product as a gift?

In this case, the data of the gift recipient will be stored in Digimember under the order. If the product is not purchased as a gift, then the buyer's data will be deposited.

What happens if I make a refund?

Partial refunds and full refunds will not affect product access by default unless the order is additionally canceled. The background is that in elopage you can make both partial refunds and full refunds without canceling an order. See the following questions about how to proceed in case of cancellations.

The following settings can be made to also control access based on refunds.

Desired action Adaptation
Access is to be adjusted in the event of a partial refund. This is currently not possible. Here you have to adjust the access directly at Digimember.
In the case of a full refund, access should be revoked directly.

In the Digimember payment provider, the following value must be added in the Return field: payment_refunded


What happens if a customer cancels the product during the trial period?

Currently, access to Digimember will be withdrawn directly in the event of cancellation during the test phase.

With the next product version, access will only be revoked at the end of a test phase.


For which payment methods and products will product access in Digimember be revoked and when?

We distinguish between two types of product access:

  1. Control over the receipt and absence of payments, which are controlled via the Digimember payment provider.
    Promotion Action Note
    A planned payment has not been made. Product access will be disabled immediately. Concerns, for example, payments of subscriptions, installment payments or planned future one-time payments.
    Any non-payment was settled subsequently. Product access is reactivated.  
    A payment has been canceled by the customer (chargeback). Product access will be disabled immediately. Applies to all payment methods.
  2. Control when a pricing plan has been completed or an order has been canceled.
    This is controlled via the Digimember webhook.
    Priority Promotion Action Note
    1 Cancellation during the trial phase Access will be withdrawn directly  
    2 Payment completed with lifetime access. Access is retained (end of access is set 100 years in the future) Applies to one-time payments, installment payments and limited subscriptions.
    Only applies to elopage online courses if lifetime access has been set.
    3 Lifetime access cancellation Access is retained (end of access is set 100 years in the future) Only applies to elopage online courses if lifetime access has been set.
    4 Completed payment with fixed end date. Access will be retained until the relevant end date and will then be revoked.

    Only applies to elopage online courses if an end date has been set and to download products.

    Applies only to completed subscription payments.


    In the case of completed one-time payments and installment payments, lifetime access is always set.
    For Digimember download products, you can set a separate access period in Digimember under >> Digimember > Products > Download Product.

    In addition, you can add the following events to the Digimember webhook in elopage: Installment payment completed and One-time payment completed.
    In this case, however, this webhook should only be activated for products in elopage for which a fixed end date has been set, i.e. for online courses and download products

    5 Cancellation with fixed end date for one-time or installment payments Access will be withdrawn directly Applies only to one-time payments and installments.
    6 Cancellation with fixed end date for subscription payments. Access withdrawn at the end of the payment period. Applies to subscription payments only.
    As soon as the payment period for the corresponding installment is completed, access will be withdrawn immediately.
    6 Termination of a limited subscription. Access withdrawn at the end of the payment period. Applies only to limited subscriptions.
    As soon as the payment period for the last installment is completed, access will be withdrawn immediately.
    7 Cancellation of a subscription. Access withdrawn at the end of the payment period. Applies to subscription payments only.
    As soon as the payment period for the corresponding installment has taken place, access will be withdrawn immediately.

How can I edit an order in Digimember?

All orders can be viewed and processed under >> Digimember > Orders.
In the overview, all orders are listed at the product level. In the Order Number column, you can see when multiple products have been combined under one order number.

You can cancel or activate orders in the overview. Please note that deactivation here only takes place at the product level and not for the entire order.

Within the order you will see the data for the corresponding product, the order date and the date of the last payment. 


Where can I see in Digimember that an order is reserved for a future date for termination?

The order overview in Digimember only distinguishes whether an order is currently active or inactive. A reserved end date is unfortunately not visible here.

However, an overview of all reserved end dates can be viewed via the webhook protocol under >> Digimember > Protocol > Webhook.

Can I set up multiple Digimember payment providers / webhooks?

If you have different product access conditions for different products in elopage, you can also set up multiple payment providers or webhooks in Digimember.

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