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The elopage Creators Club

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What is the elopage Creators Club?

We want to celebrate your successes and motivate you to continue! We have developed an incentive program for this purpose.

With each new sales milestone on our platform, we have exciting surprises in store for you and give you the opportunity to share your achievements with the elopage community. Take a picture of your win and be proud of yourself - because behind each of your achievements is a lot of work! 

What incentives are waiting for me?

In the Business Stage we have both exciting digital and physical surprises for you. From the Premium Stage you can look forward to your customized, unique award! 

How can I become a member of the elopage Creators Club?

As a provider on elopage, you are automatically a member of the elopage Creators Club. So you don't need to do anything else to be eligible.

Our milestones are measured by your gross sales volume from the time you register. From € 1,000 in turnover you will receive your first milestone and receive a notification by email. 


What do the milestones mean?

We want to celebrate your successes with you and the community! There are various milestones on your success journey at elopage, which you reach with one of your sales after registration on our platform. 

What are the milestones?

In total, there are seven milestones and three stages that you can achieve:

Business Stage

Starters from € 1,000 in turnover

Makers from € 10,000 in turnover

Accelerators from € 100,000 in turnover


Premium Stage

Silver from € 500,000 in turnover

Gold from € 1,000,000 in turnover

Platinum from € 10,000,000 in turnover


Prime Stage

Diamond from € 50,000,000 in turnover


Your turnover will be counted in gross from your registration.


Would you like to know more about the awards?

In our FAQ about the award you will find more information -> Questions about the award of the elopage Creators Club.

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