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Use case: Displaying course content for visitors without a login

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Would you like to make some course pages freely available on the product page so that people can get an impression of your content before buying or provide the content directly for free and without logging in?

Then we'll show you how to do it in this article and a few examples of use.


For many customers who buy from unknown sellers, it can be helpful for the purchase decision to look at some sample content beforehand to see if they like the type of presentation and language and content.

This can also have advantages for you, as it can be less work and costs for you if customers don't withdraw, because they were able to get an impression of some content beforehand.

This is why there is the "Course Insight" feature, which allows you to unlock some pages on the product page so that you can see the content.
Here's a glimpse of what that might look like.

-> This is a snippet of a product page where preview is enabled for two pages.


After clicking on "Preview," the course preview is opened, which gives you an immediate look and feel of the course.
The content of the two activated Welcome and Outlook pages is visible. The other pages are shown as locked.

At the top right is a button where the course can be purchased or obtained free of charge.

-> Look with online course theme (app customization necessary).


-> Appearance without online course theme


Other possible uses for this feature

You can also use this feature for other cases. You can't turn off the feature that allows you to also buy the course through it. So, to be on the safe side, you should also configure the purchase confirmation email and provide the correct price.

Offer content (text, downloads) for free without logging in

  • Maybe you want to create a course for your website visitors (e.g. as a download archive or free course) where anyone who has the link to the product page can view the content without having to obtain the course via elopage, i.e. without having to get an account and password with us.
  • Especially in times of stricter regulations of the GDPR that content is not free if you have to disclose your data for it, this could be of interest for you if you want to offer online courses more as a "download area" or "knowledge collection," as it would be possible with Notion or OneNote or a document in the cloud, for example.
  • Or if you want to offer this content for free and before you get to the product page, ask for the customer data on your website and then send the link to the product page.

Online conference without login

  • Or you organize an online conference with different speakers and don't want every participant to need an account and password with us, but simply go to the lecture with a click. Then, for example, you can run the registrations and the emails for the start of the lectures via your external tools and publish the respective pages at the start time and provide the preview function.

    When the period has expired, turn off the preview feature again so that the page itself is still displayed in the table of contents. After all, you want to sell your course package at the end so that the participants should see which lectures they missed. 

    Here you should then set the product itself to "private" - > Do not display products in the shop and in search engines ("private") if you only want to give the link to the participants who have registered for it on your landing page.

Here's an example of what it might look like.

  • The first three pages are always published and always have the course insight setting.
  • It's day 1, 1:30 p.m., and you have activated the course insight at the corresponding time for the two lectures for 11 a.m. and 1 p.m., so that the content is already visible.
  • The other lectures are listed in the table of contents, but the content is not yet displayed.


Link to the course preview

If you want to share the link to the course preview, don't use the normal preview link via the "Preview" button from your seller account (as this only works for you) but rather

  • go to the product page and
  • click on "Preview" on the first unlocked page.

What doesn't work for the customer here?

With this feature, customers can only see the content, but

  • not mark it as done
  • not take a quiz
  • not leave any comments

and you can't send event mails via the individual course pages.

Set pages so that you can view the content on the product page

You can find the feature for this in the settings of the course page (gear icon) under "Allow preview for this page" -> Activate preview of course content.

Please note:

  • All pages and menus that are published are listed in the table of contents. For the pages you've published, the content will immediately appear there.
  • If you have hidden the app customization and the table of contents, show it again.
  • Currently, you can't change the color of the "Preview" (blue) and "Buy" buttons (yellow).

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