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Step 2: Submitting your ready-to-sell products for inspection

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After you have submitted your records for legitimation in the reseller model, you can now submit your products for approval. 

Reseller Modell_ _Freigabe_beantragen.png

We will then inspect your products within 72 hours.


Activation criteria

In the reseller model, it is only possible to sell digital products / services. A sale of physical products is not possible - except books and other printed products, e.g. calendars.

Offline events can only be offered for the selected countries. These are the countries in which your reseller partner already has a VAT ID.

  • Your product is a fully configured product (meaningful product description, prices, product image, content if the product is with us).
  • Your bundle / membership includes products.
  • With digital products / licenses, a meaningful purchase confirmation e-mail is stored, possibly also a separate thank you page, which describes how the customer feels about his product / his booked service.
  • The product is permitted and does not violate applicable law or the rights of third parties (also see our terms and conditions)
  • The product content and the business area are allowed.
  • The country is selected correctly for the eTicket for an offline event / voucher. For offline events, the event will take place in Germany or Austria (Switzerland is planned). For other countries, please let us know the expected turnover, as we will have to apply for a VAT ID if certain amounts are exceeded, which may take a few weeks.
  • There are no specific tax guidelines for the product in your country (e.g. printed products that are assessed as art and for which there is a reduced tax rate in your country). This cannot be mapped in the reseller model, because the reseller is a German company.

After the product has been approved, you will receive a confirmation e-mail from us. The status of the product then appears in your product overview with a green background as "checked." 

If your product has not been approved for sale and the status of your product has been set to "rejected," there are the following reasons:

  • your product has not met our inspection criteria described above
  • or we did not have your records for legitimation
  • it is not possible to collaborate with your business in the reseller model. Since the same criteria for the permitted business areas are also relevant for the payment providers we use when selling in the seller model, a sale in your own name is only possible if you connect your own Stripe and PayPal account.

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