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Providing your own revocation text

Neda Najjari
Neda Najjari
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For your products, you can select which right of withdrawal applies to the product.

You can select a different template for consumers and B2B customers with different cancellation conditions and a different PDF file with the cancellation policy.

For this we provide you with ready-made, legally secure texts.

If you want to provide your own right of withdrawal and also write the text for the PDF file that is sent to the customer, you can

  • create a custom template and
  • then provide this with the respective product for this purpose.

After the purchase, you will then see in the order which right of withdrawal was valid for this customer at the time of the order, even if you changed it again later.

This allows you to define your own terms or advertise with a money-back guarantee.

Creating custom cancellation terms

  • Go to "Templates" and "Cancellation policy". In the tab "Default," you will find our legally secure texts.
  • To create a custom template, click on "Custom" and then on the "Create" button.


  • Then fill in all relevant fields and save the template.


Name: This is internal only for you so that you can easily identify it later when making your selection in the product.

Number of days: Here you select the number of days. These will then be shown to you later in the order. 

Display checkbox on the checkout page: If you have activated this, a checkbox is displayed in front of the text, which the customer must tick so that he can buy the product. Your text should therefore also contain something like "I hereby confirm that …".

Send cancellation policy via email attachment after ordering: If you have activated this, the customer will receive a PDF attachment with your configured text in the purchase confirmation email.

Languages: Always provide at least one German text and preferably also an English text. You can also select other languages, as we will later offer the languages shown here for end customers. However, not all areas for end customers are currently available in other languages.

Therefore, you should now only select German and English until the buyer area has been completely switched to other languages. 

If your product is in a different language, then set all texts to, for example, German and English, as these languages are used for the purchase confirmation email.

Text for the PDF file with your cancellation policy: Here you enter the text that your customer sees on the checkout page in front of the purchase button. 

If you ticked that the PDF file with your cancellation policy will be sent to the customer by email, you can enter the parameter %{link} in the text. The words "cancellation policy" and the link to the PDF file will appear there.

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