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Designing the checkout page and adding content, prices, custom fields, etc.

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You have several options for designing your checkout page.

Define general design and fields for the checkout page

Under Checkout Tools/Checkout Page Template you can define the design for your checkout page.

Here you have various options available and can also define which fields should be displayed or are mandatory.

You create the template once and can then select it for the product in the step "Checkout page."


All settings can be found in the -> section - Checkout page - Data and design.

Custom fields

In addition, you can display additional fields above the Buy button - including newsletter order with connection to your newsletter tool.


You can also create a template for this and then select it for the product itself.

The possibilities and instructions can be found in the section "Custom fields."

Additional fees

If you have a product that incurs additional costs when buying, such as a ticket fee, you can also create a template for it and add it to the product. 

The additional fees for the respective country are then shown on the checkout page.

You can find instructions on how to do this in the "Additional fees" section.

Settings for the checkout page in the product itself

In addition, you can make settings for the checkout page in the product itself or add content to it.

Show short description and product image on the checkout page

For the product, in the tab "Product Page" you can

  • provide a short description for the checkout page and
  • display the cover image on the checkout page.

Bezahlseite_ _Kurzbeschreibung.png

This looks like this in the example above:


Additional settings in the tab "Checkout page"

In the "Checkout page" tab you can create and select reusable templates for certain areas and, of course, also provide the prices.

There, you can also perform the following with a checkout page template:

  • create one
  • choose one
  • edit the stored checkout page directly and
  • preview it.


Under "Payment options" you set the prices and pricing plans, intervals and payment methods.

Bezahlseite_ _Zahlungsoptionen.png

There you can also

Add / customize checkout page

Under "Add / customize checkout page" you will find various ways to supplement the checkout page of this product.



Here you can supplement the part that appears above the checkout page via the text editor and also via HTML, e.g. with more information, advertising for other products, etc.

You can also do the same below the checkout page and add, for example, conditions of participation and notes.

Enable session timer

You can store a session timer for the browser session of your customer. This is then displayed as a "banner" above the checkout page as long as the browser session is running.

The minimum duration is 5 minutes (00:05), and the maximum duration 23:59 hours.

Even if the page is refreshed or revisited, the timer continues to run.

Session Timer_aktivieren.png

Example representation of a session timer


When the timer expires, the banner is no longer displayed.

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